Ideas of Pakistani Food Decoration


Pakistan is an Asian country in which the every type of people is living and every type of seasons and every type of taste are available in this blessed country. There are the four provinces in the Pakistan and every province has their own culture, tradition, food and history. The Muslims and non Muslims are living in Pakistan.

The Pakistan got popularity in the food cooked and in the tasting in all over the world. The Punjab is the house of the Pakistani food and Food Street in the Lahore is an historical place about the food. Here we discuss the Pakistani food decorations ideas, in which the different foods are displayed in the different style of plating.

You can decoration the broast, tika boti and seekh kabab are garnishing with the Nan, raita and salad and chicken achar ghosht dish is decors with the coriander. You should decors the white rice with the gravy chiker chana salan, the Chinese rice in Pakistani touch, grilled mutton, beef korma, shami kabab, finger chips, fish and kofta are decors with the elegant trey and serve with the sauce, ketchup and with salad. The sweet dishes are also decors with the dry fruits and fruit salad is also present with the cream.

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