Lovely Tattoos For Lovers To Demonstrate Their Love


Of making tattoos for lover or beloved sounds very lovely and if the lovers make same-looking tattoos on their body then it will be very amusing for both of them. For manifestation of your true love if you want to do something that you look at and remind you of your love then no idea could be better than inscribing your love on your body in the form of tattoo.

The most amazing moments for lover are those when they become committed to each other. You can make ring tattoos on fingers at the place where rings are put on at engagement. This tattoo making will fill both of yours heart with pleasure. Some designs for ring tattoos are given here:

Inscribe names of lover on finger:

Inscribe the names of each other on fingers and this will be a commitment that you are now for each other for the rest of your life and no one else can come to your way. If not the whole name then the first letter of name in most stylish way can be carved on finger. This designing will also look amazing as shown in the picture.

Make heart in between the heart beats:

You can make heart in between the heart beats that will look very nice and amazing. Usually it is said I love that I have given my heart to him/her. So make this design of tattoo and make the heart of the other person or with making this you can say both of yours heart beats are connected to each other. Both of you are alive because you are together.

Ring tattoo showing the four poles:

You can make the poles of earth on finger and both of you having the same sign will show that your thoughts and likings are same. So you can go with the idea of making any designing same and of making the poles of earth would be different and unique.

Engrave any specific date:

You can carve as tattoo on body any specific date that really means a lot to you both. It could be the day first you met or engagement day and it is up to you both what you both select. But this idea is great and with this permanent tattoo you will remember till the lst day of your life the best day and moments of your life.