How Men can Use Different Styling Accessories?


A Guideline on Men Fashion Accessories:

Like women, men also try to use different accessories that can add a style statement into their personality.  So, today, I am going to highlight men fashion accessories & I also like to describe how men can use these accessories in a right way. Here are some general guidelines.

•    Tie & Tie Bar:

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First of all & the most important men accessory is tie. Yes, ties are mostly used with formal suits & button down shirts. Men like to wear tie during office hours, on business meeting, wedding function, parties & other formal events. When you choose a tie then you need to keep lots of mixing & matching points into your mind. Sometimes ties are selected by matching with the color of pant, sometimes with the color of vest color or sometime with pocket square color. So, choose a tie that accentuates the grace of your dress in a best way. The tie bars are used usually for keeping the tie at the exact place. The best place to use tie bar is in “middle”. Don’t use too high or too low. Tie bars are also known as tie clips.

•    Pocket Square:

Pocket square is actually a square piece of little handkerchief that is used into the side picket of a blazer of the pant suit. A picket square color can be matched with tie. If you wear silk tie then use silk stuff pocket square. If you are never wearing tie & only want to use pocket square then I think you should match its color with your shirt color. You can try a simple pocket square, you can think about one point or two points square. Similarly, you can find lots of other folding ideas for pocket squares. Pockets squares are used on wedding functions (mostly by grooms) while on evening parties the idea of using pocket square is best. It is a very formal accessory so try to use on high parties & formal events only.

•    Wrist Watch/Bracelets:

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I think it is one of best men accessories. Whether you are attending a business meeting or you are going on a wedding function, you are invited on a date or at a funeral event, don’t worries just add your favorite wrist watch into your wrist because wrist is perfect for every event. It never looks very over on sad events & it can simple add a grace element into men’s personality. It reminds you to perform all your works on the accurate time. But keep in mind when you wear a wrist watch then you should a punctual men. If you never like wrist watch because you can see time just on your mobile phone then think about using chic bracelets. If you are a bold guy then use funky style bracelets. If you are a serious person then use simple & decent bracelets. Bracelet can look best with half sleeved shirt.

•    Cuff Links:

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What about using Cufflinks? Cufflinks are usually made with metal (such as silver, golden, black, grey etc) & decorated with little crystals & beads & sometimes with pearls. I think with a black shirt, if you use silver cufflinks then you will look bold & if you use black matching cufflinks then it will look graceful.  With pastel & lighter tome shirts I think silver metal cufflinks are best such as with pink, light green, pastel sky blue etc. With some colors such as navy blue, maroon & plum, the lighter golden cufflinks looks nice. With grey shirt I think you can use silver as well as black cufflinks. You can match cufflinks with color of buckle of your belt. You can find different style cufflinks such as toggle closure cufflinks, stud cufflinks, chain link cufflinks, knot cufflinks, fabric cufflinks & so on. Cufflinks can also be made with gold & silver.

•    Lapel Pins/Brooches:

these are mostly with the lapel part of a blazer or coat. You can use flower design lapel pins on wedding function. Sometime, these pins & brooches designs are selected by keeping the theme of the party into the mind. If your friends are going to arrange a wildlife theme party then I think you should try snake inspired or hawk inspired design brooch on the lapel of your blazer.

•    Sunglasses:

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Sunglasses another styling accessory for men. The glasses should always be selected by keeping your face shape into the minds. If you have round face shape then avoid wear round sunglasses because these can add more roundness in your face & you can think about square shape glasses or wayfarer. Similarly, if you have square face shape then avoid wearing square & choose some round shape glasses or aviator etc.

•    Scarves/Mufflers:

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Mufflers & scarves are also must have accessories of men. These are usually used in winter. You can wrap a scarf around your neckline in infinity style. I love this idea.

•    Belts:

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For matching belt with pant I think you should look towards your shoes color. Sometime people prefer to match belt with pant color. Most commonly used belt colors are brown. Black, grey, white etc.

•    Socks:

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Always wear neat & clean same color & same design of pair of socks. Try to match socks with your pant, slack or trouser color. Try to choose a calf length pair of socks so that your legs skin never visible when you pull your trouser a little bit up.

•    Rings/Necklaces/Piercing Jewelry:

In men jewelry rings, necklaces, piercing jewelry include. All men must have some decent & graceful pieces of jewelry so that they can use on parties & events. Men should use expensive jewelry, for showing their status in society. Choose simple designs. Only wear one or two pieces of jewelry at one time. Don’t overused jewelry pieces. Browns skin people can use golden jewelry while fair skin men can choose silver metal. In business meeting avoid using jewelry. Use it on parties, weddings & formal events.