Perfect & Flawless Kajal Application Ideas


How to Apply Kajal in Eyes? Learn & Apply:

No doubt that Kajal plays a vital role in order to beautify eyes. It never matters whether you belong from east or west because I think Kajal is a makeup accessory that is used by every women & girls who belong to any region of this world. But it is absolutely right to say that “there are some women & girls who know very well how to apply kajal” while other use it without any rules & sometimes their eyes look like a ghost because Kajal spread all around the eyes. So, you can learn from this blog “how to apply Kajal Flawlessly”. Let’s starts!

1)    First of all you need to keep in mind that you have to choose a food quality Kajal. Prefer a brand that provides high quality products.
2)    Keep in mind that your Kajal; should be waterproof, smudge proof & long lasting. Whether you wet in rain or swim in pool or you cry (the tears of happiness) your Kajal should stay on your (inner or outer) lash line.
3)    You can buy a kajal pencil or kajal liquid or matte kajal. Choose that you can apply easily. I think pencil Kajal (modern) is easy to handle.
4)    Choose the color of Kajal that look best on your skin tone & enhance your eyes/facial beauty. Mostly the black color is considered best.
5)    If you buy a Kajal that is not good then next time avoid the same brand & try some other. In this way you can finally found the right one.
6)    Now move towards how to apply kajal. Well it may be a tough task for you especially if you are doing it first time.

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7)    Before applying Kajal make-sure that your eyes are dirt free & clean. Wash them with fresh water.
8)    Now the next step is to sweep all water with towel.
9)    If you are getting ready for a party & only want to apply Kajal & lipstick. Then in this case your first need to prep your eyes. Use concealer make the eye era even. Try to cover blemishes & dark circles. Then apply a thin line of kajal inside the eye.
10)    If you want to apply kajal casually, then only think to remove dark circle by using any daily cream & then apply kajal.
11)    First apply a thin line. Keep it light. Then apply second coat for more Kajal.
12)    Keep in mind that you should apply kajal only on the waterline not inside the eye.

How to Apply Kajal Perfectly (3)

13)    If you want to apply kajal on the underline of your eyes then pull the under eye skin down & apply kajal & smudging is the key to success when you apply kajal on below area.
14)    Always starts to apply Kajal from the outer corner of eye & move towards inner corner.
15)    Repetitive strokes of kajal can add more & more color. Enhances the beauty.
16)    You can apply Kajal on the upper lash line also as you apply liner.
17)    If you want to stop your kajal from smudging or spreading around the eyes then dust some powder near lower lash-line. Blend powder well with skin that it will never be visible.
18)    On upper lash line you can apply kajal in winged style, cat eye style & double winged style.
19)    Lastly enhance eye beauty by adding volume into your lashes. Use mascara for this purpose. Apply on laces & make your eyes rocking.
20)    Are these points helpful for you? Do you read such a detailed article on kajal application? Let me know with your feedback! Waiting!!!