Rules Of Morning Workouts


The 5 rules of morning workouts

Creating Early Morning workout Routine

Best Morning Workout routine

5 Rules to Establish a Morning workout Routine

The way you start your day can impact your food and exercise choices. Morning workouts can be extremely rewarding in a bunch of different ways. Morning workouts give you an immediate energy boost physically and mentally that you can benefit from the whole day. Studies show that early morning exercisers have the best long-term success in maintaining fitness except that it begins the day on a positive “healthy” note that can set the tone for the rest of the day.



Perform workout Immediately upon Waking Up

You want to get your body in the habit of working out the second you wake up. You create the expectation that your body has to perform the second it wakes up. It may resist at first, but with practice it’ll fall in line. You can go pee and drink a glass of water, but that’s it. But working out before breakfast is one habit you definitely want to get into



Explosive Movement

An explosive exercise such as lunges, jump squats or explosive push-ups will get your endorphins flowing and blood pumping, whilst elevating your metabolism and boosting muscle building.


Static Stretch Movement

Static stretches can help to improve your flexibility, provided you add at least one to your morning workout on a daily basis. Like most other things in life, the best way to get better in static stretch moment is to practice it every day you can practice Spiderman lunges, Bulgarian split squats with bottom holds, Hindu push-ups with 3-second holds on top and at the bottom of the movement, and lateral lunges with a hold at the bottom.


It Should be Short

As a general rule, your morning workout should be under 15 minutes. Overdoing things can leave you feeling tired for the rest of the day, or even worse, it could affect your energy levels for your gym session and daily routine.


Make your workout plan according to your fitness goals:

What you want flat abs, sculpted shoulders or a defined butt?? Focus your morning routine there. Squats, thrusts and presses are great for women looking to build up their chest and butt, whilst men looking to target their shoulders and quads should focus their exercises in these areas.