What Does Short Hair say About a Woman?


Short hair women say something about you

4. what does short hair say about a woman

Hair  are the important part of  human’s body   and for the woman personality this  work  greatly because a man can survive without hair but  a lady can’t be live without the hair because   it  is said that  “A real beauty of  a woman is  hidden  in the  hair “.but  in this world many type of women  existed  so all have not same choice some wants to go  with the long hair and some  like the short hair  and short hair  woman  have very different  nature to  the long  and  medium length hair and a  lady can be judged through her hair   because  hair are the main part  of  her face and  a hairstyle can change your overall look  so select these  hairstyles which can suit on your personality otherwise you will look very odd .there are so many face shapes of the human being body  and faces  and the face shapes and features can also reveal your inner   so many  face reader and hair reader   can tell  easily about your personality  if  you have short  hair  then come with us  and see some  merits  and demerits of the short hair .
Something important for short hair ladies:
The short hair girls are very attractive and brave  they like to play with the  dangers and  you also have noticed that  the lady who have long hair   can’t be very  bold  instead she is  very sensitive and over conscious about her personality she feel fear with the personality of the men   on the other hand the short haired lady like to stay with the men and they feel   pleasure to work with the men .the girl who have super short hair  means wash and do nothing just go  they   like the peace  and they don’t want to  keep anything  revolutionary  and let them allow to anyone that he involve in the matter   of her   rather the  lady  who have long hair she is very curious and narrow minded but the  short hair   girls are very    care free and  her thinking is very vast they  don’t want  to see the things maintain and their personality is just like a working lady I have observed many time in my life  that the owner of the any company or  attach to the any  institution she has  mostly  medium length or short hair because they want to see the things  fast and perfect and the  short hairstyle is perfect  and easy to make in few minutes. The short hair lady can’t allow to anyone that he play with her feelings it is research that   short hair  lady  is super  romantic  some ladies who have razor shaved haircut and don’t prefer the  extension  and they keep their head  totally bald  it means that they  have deep love to anyone  have a huge heart  with a shining personality and they are very romantics in their teen age  it is think that short hair girls are  very  confident they have nothing to hide  in their heart   they are blunt and easily say everything  at the presence of  all people.


0. what does short hair say about a woman 1. what does short hair say about a woman 2. what does short hair say about a woman 3. what does short hair say about a woman