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Creative Fashion Art Ideas:

The art of creating various living & non-living items on papers with pencils is not new. Most of the artists are creating this art from the past, some are passed away, some are new, and some are still learning this art while some have become master in this art. As we know that practice makes a man perfect so I think this is the only task which need more & more practice for the purpose of creating a flawless art work.

Some create bird & animals, some like to create cartoons, some take inspiration from flowers, some pay attention towards the pencil art that is used for making sketches of human beings, buildings, rivers, forests & lots of other things. Now days, beautiful art work can be created by using color pencils.

Here on this page I am going to talk about the fashion art that is created by using colored pencils. In the fashion world this art is used for fashion illustration purpose. Before making any dress, each designer thinks about its designs then creates a sketch of this mind-based-dress on paper by using pencils & for the purpose of giving a more precise concept of this dress mostly color pencils are used.

Some give it the name if fashion art, some know it as fashion drawing while some called it fashion painting. Although painting & drawing are almost same meaning word but a slight difference exists between both that is drawing or the word “draw” means to draw some lines for the purpose of producing or creating a likeness or to represent a thing while painting or the word “paint” means apply color or pigment for more clarity.

Mostly people enjoyed when working with color pencils & create fashion art or various sketches of fashionable clothes. Color pencils always bring a conceptual thing with more depth & detail on the paper. These pencils are easy to use & easily available into the market on reasonable prices. Always choose a professional or high quality brand before choosing a packet of color pencils.

Similarly, a right paper is required for creating art so don’t neglect this point also. Erasers & pencil sharpeners are also required. Firstly, you create a thing or a dress by begin with a pencil drawing then you fill color in it according to your choice & preferences by using color pencils. Now let me share some pictures of fashion art & then try at home. Hopefully you will enjoy it a lot!

Deep-V-Neck Sleeveless Floor Length Mermaid Gown Fashion Art:

1 fashion Art Created with Colored Pencils (2)

This sketch is very clearly illustrating a mermaid gown that has a deep v neckline, its length & its floral design.  So sketches actually help the fashion designers to describe their ideas that they usually have into their minds through this art.

Knotted Shirt with Yellow Lining Print & White Thigh Length Skirt:

2 fashion Art Created with Colored Pencils (1)

A trendy, styli & fashionable look of a girl is depicted into this sketch. She appears in a knotted top or shirt with lining yellow print. She pairs it with a white flared skirt. The eyewear, red lips & a big bow Hairband is adding chicness into her look.

Halter Neckline Led Slit Wavy Lining Print Gown:

3 fashion Art Created with Colored Pencils (13)

Highly glamorous look of a woman is depicted through this fashion art inspired sketch. She wears a halter neckline dress with leg slit. Other accessories such as bangles, necklaces, ear studs, belts are also looking prominent only because the usage of color pencils. Designers successful convey their ideas ahead by learning this art.

Cape Winter Coat Sketch:

4 fashion Art Created with Colored Pencils (5)

Sketching is a necessary part of various fashion designing institutes & brands before the preparation of a collection. Sketching usually helps in order to reduce errors & masks a collection unbiased (free of errors). Into the above picture you can see a fashion art in which a winter coat in created. This is a knee length & cape style winter coat.

Pictures of Fashion Inspired Art:

Whether you are desirous to become a fashion artist or if you are beginner in both cases by looking towards these pictures you can learn more about this art & I think you should try this art at home. Hopefully after trial & error process you will learn it. You can also buy exclusive books from market that are usually based on various techniques of learning this art. Hopefully, you will like this article. For more inspiration of fashion art you can check out the following gallery!