Special & Easy Exercises for Reducing Ballooned Belly


How to Reduce Tummy Fat with Exercise?

Are you facing embracement in a crowed due to your tummy fatness or ballooned belly? If yes then you will surely want to get rid from the unwanted calories so that you can look slim & smart. Exercise helps in order to burn fat.

When you exercise then your calories starts to burn & your body fat level starts to decrease. Mostly, it is seen that people especially ladies are facing the tummy fat problem. So today, I am going to share some exercises with you that are equally beneficial for men & women. All are easy & effective.

1)    First of all, it is known fact that running & walking always leads towards the burning of fat. It is a traditional exercise that is helping people to reduce their weight & to burn extra fat. So, run early in the morning or evening walks are also best. It is said by the experts that for maintaining your body you need to take almost 10,000 steps in a day. Do you task almost 10,000 steps in a day? Think???

0 exercise to reduce ballooned tummy

2)    Squat Thrust is a very famous exercise for reducing tummy fat. It this exercise you need to stand straight, then bend & come into push up position & again come back in bending position & now again stand straight. Repeat it for about 15 min. The pictures which are given below can assist you a lot. Look deeply, observe each step & then try at home.

exercise to reduce ballooned tummy (2)

3)    If you can afford an exercise machine then I suggest you to buy the Elliptical trainer. you can burn almost 100 calories in 10 minutes by using this machine &  it means you can burn 600 calories in one hour but don’t use it less & don’t overuse it I think half an hour is a best figure to use this trainer.

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4)    Do you know swimming? If yes then it is very beneficial for you because it can helps you a lot in order to reduce the tummy fat. Yes, in swimming your almost all body muscles come into motion & ultimately help you in order to burn fat. Best tummy reducing exercise for the summer season.

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5)    Think about Vertical leg crunch for this exercise you need to lie down straight on the floor & keep your both hands at the back of your head. Now lift your both leg up in a vertical pattern. Now lift your shoulder & head from the floor. During lifting of shoulder & head try to keep your legs in the air in vertical motion. Breathe in when you lay back & breathe out when you flex your shoulder & head. Repeat it again & again. Almost 10 to 15 min are enough for this exercise.

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6)    Bicycling can also help in order to burn almost 250 to 500 calories during a 30-minute cycling.

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