Styles to Wear Hijab with Skirts in Current Fashion



Hijab is considered a veil which covers head and chest. It is worn out by uslim women in presence of adult males. According to some interpretations hijab is also worn out in front of adult non-muslim women outside family.

Current presentation

Our currently drafted presentation is correlated with display of desireable and fascinated ways to wea hijab with long florr length skirts.

Shuimmery skirt with hijab ( bling skirt and black shirt with hjab)

0Bling skirt and black shirt with hijab

Shimmery dresses: shimmery dresses are liely to be adopted by women as these dresses just give out special glaze to simple personality. Shimmery dresses are widely carried out with simple segment for example if shirt is shimmery then other segment would be simple in nature to balance whole fashion concept.

We are going to introduced out appealing trend to wear hijab with bling long floor length skirt along with black shirt. As you can observe that shirt and hijab along with makeup remains simple and silver metallic shimmery skirt has full dominance as well.

Printed skirt with hijab ( maxi skirt with hijab)

1maxi skirt with hijab

Maxi style: maxi dress is specified form of women wearing which have enough length to cover whole body in decorative mannar. Maxi dresses start from shoulder and normally ends at feet.

We are widen hijab trend by showing that it looks comfortable and sightly stunning to wear hijab with modernized dresses. We have elected floor length long black and orange printed maxi style skirt having slight touch of blue. Such fashion segment involves long skirt, simple black shirt, simple orange golden sash and mild gold shaded hijab.

black leather skirt with hijab hijab with Maxi skirt for fall lace white top with skirt Modest Ways to Wear Hijab with Skirts purple hijab with floral skirt skirt with hijab tulle skirt with hijab white net top with hijab and skirt