The Most Famous and Delicious Eid-Ul-Azha Recipes Ideas


Eid ul Azha is religious festival that is celebrated in the memory of Hazrat Ibrahim who was ready to sacrifice his son Hazrat Ismail for the happiness of God. Allah received his brownness and sent a sheep in place of Hazrat Ismail. Right from that day we sacrifice an animal as it is also the Sunnah. Once again we are going to celebrate this dignified day everyone is looking busy to buy the animals. After sacrificing the animals their meat is sent to poor and needy people.

But if we talk about the dishes made on this day there is the variety of recipes we try on Eid that is delightfully delicious. But very first day this is the tradition that kaleji is cooked that is very easy and ready in 20 to 30 minutes. After the busiment of the partition of the meat women try different dishes that are tasty and delicious. Even different channels telecast the special programs by making meat dishes. Today I am going to give you some recipe ideas that will surely make your Eid more special than ever.

•    Afghan baked rice with lamb is traditional afghan dish

Afghan baked rice with lamb

•    Aloo gosht I mean mutton with potato this one is commonly cooked in routine and liked by everyone

Aloo Gosht – Mutton With Potatoes

•    Aloo keema is easy to cook and delicious also

Aloo Keema

•    Kashmiri kabargah means lamb ribs very famous dish

Kashmiri Kabargah - Lamb ribs

•    Middle eastern lamb and humus phylo tart basically an eastern dish is very tasty for the special recipe

Middle Eastern Lamb and Hummus Phyllo Tart

•    Mutton meat balls curry commonly names as kofta

Mutton meatballs curry

•    Mutton with curry leaves masala is eaten by very delightfully in Pakistan

mutton with curry leaves masalas.

•    red mutton curry is cooked by the skill and practice to enhance its taste

Red mutton curry

•    shahi korma is most popular dish in Pakistan that is known by everyone

Shahi Korma

•    rajasthani red mutton curry with traditional taste and essence

SinfullySpicy  Laal Maas, Rajasthani Red Mutton Curry