Tips & Home Remedies for Dry, Rough & Dark Hands & Fingertips in winter


Care of Hands & Fingertips in Winter Season:

As the winter season arrives, it brings lots of dryness & roughness for the skin. The relationship of skin roughness & winter season is very old. But we should salute to our scientists who have invented different creams for softening the hands & fingers. But in this age of modernism, although these creams are beneficial for the skin yet sometimes these can cause different skin allergies & diseases. So, in this case what you should do? I think you should go with home remedies. Hands are very important for us because with our hands we perform lots of tasks. Can you imagine if you lose your both hands then how you will spend this life? It’s really hard to think. So, be careful about your hands.

Today, I am going to share some very useful & effective tips with you that can helps you a lot in order to make your dry & rough hands soft & gentle. Furthermore, these tips are just perfect for the winter season. Let’s read these!

1)    Try to make a mixture of glycerin & rosewater. Apply this mixture on hands daily either in the early morning or before sleeping. I think you should apply it before sleeping so that these two ingredients work well & makes your skin smooth & gentle. If you apply in morning then you may need to wash your hands again & again due to different reason s all the mixture will flash out.

2)    You can try to relax the hand muscles by putting your hand in lukewarm water for about 15 to 20 min. Then moisturize your hand. This not only provides relaxation & comfort but also makes your hands smooth.

0 Winter care for your fingertips

3)    For dark & dry hands, I suggest you to go into the kitchen & take sunflower oil, lemon juice & coarse sugar. Make a paste by mixing these three ingredients, then rub this paste on hands very gently & wash after 15 to 20 min. repeat it three times in a week for better results.

4)    For lighten hands skin take lemon juice & sugar. Make mixture & gently rub

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5)    You can simply take milk & soak hands in milk. Get amazing results.

6)    Take raw milk, lemon juice & honey. Mix all ingredients. Apply on hands. This mixture is very effective for making hands soft & for lightens the skin tone.

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7)    Take fresh orange peels, rub these peels on hand for about 15 min daily & see the amazing results.

8)    Use sun block on hands especially when go outside.

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9)    Don’t forget to moisturize hands especially in winter season.

10)    Be careful about your hands. Don’t ignore this very important part of the body.

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