Top 15 Men’s Fashion Trends that Woman Hate a Lot


Fashion Mistakes Made by Men:

As we know with the passage of time lots of innovations are coming into the world of fashion but men fashion not changed a lot. It is almost same instead of some variations that comes into jeans, denims, t-shirts etc. Men & boys also want to follow the latest trends of fashion like ladies but if they want to impress the girls then I think they should stick up with classic style of clothes,

footwear & stay away from the latest funky style fashion trends because there are some men’s fashion trends that women hates a lot. When men get ready to go outside then usually your family members tell you that you are looking perfect but girls not think like this way. May be they refuse to accept this statement of your family. If you want to impress a lady then don’t make the following described top 15 fashion mistakes. Let’s start!

Men Wearing White Socks:

1 white socks men fashion but women hte it

Don’t wear white socks because this color of socks gives a childish look & you look like school going neat & clean kid. So, if you have any pair of white socks into your wardrobe then threw it away now.

Vests with Pullover Shirts:

2 bad dressing sense that Women's Hate

It is seen mostly that on a formal event men wear vest with button up or collared shirts but now days it is in fashion that boys are wearing vest over a simple pullover shirt for getting a chic casual look but this effort of yours go in vain because women never like this awkward trend.

Deep Neckline Shirts:

3 deep neckline t-shirts

Men Wearing Flip Flops:

4 Wearing Flip Flops with suitable dressing Women Hate

If you are planning to buy flip flop from the market for casual use or street wear then don’t do this now because the men who wear flip flops usually looks like a female because this footwear style is specifically designed for ladies.

Drop Crotch Pants:

5 drop crotch pants

Are you viewing the above picture? You can see two men & both wear drop crotch pants which are looking very awkward. It looks as your pant is dropping down & this fashion trend can make you to feel embarrassment among the ladies.

Too Tight & Wrong Size Clothes:

6 Wrong sized clothing  that Women Hate super tight clothes

Some men like to go with body fit clothes because they think that they will look very trendy & stylish in these clothes but in actual too tight clothes or wrong size (too tight or too loose) looks very gauche. So, be careful about your accurate size.

Men in Tank Tops:

7 tank top wife beaters look

Men who wear tank top with pants usually look like typical & representative men who beat their wives. It is fact that tank top is best way to show your muscles during exercise hours but as casual wear or street wear this is a wrong choice. Don’t choose this tank top for street wear.

Men Purses or Handbags:

8 man purse

Some men are getting inspiration from the male models of the runway who usually hold a bag into their hand or hang a bag on shoulder but the general opinion that women possesses  about this trend is that they hate those men who follow this purse or bag trend. I think after knowing women opinion you will never follow this fashion. Are you or not?

Men in Shorts:

9 shorts use men that Women Hate

Some men wear shorts with T-shirt but this fashion give them a childish look so avoid it if you can.

Graphic or Slogan T-shirts worn by Men:

10 slogan or graphis tees

Graphic & slogan T-shirt looks very cheap & un-classy. Women hate the men who wear those T-shirts which have some silly messages, lip or love graphic, girl’s pictures or funky boys’ photos etc. These T-shirts plays a vital role in order to ruin the grace of men’s personality.

Usage of Too Much Jewelry:


Don’t ever try to use too much jewelry because jewelry adds true beauty only into a women personality not in men personality. If you like jewelry a lot then use simple, decent & minimal pieces of jewelry.

Men in Tight Skinny Jeans:

12 too tight skinny jeans

Don’t try to show your leg shapers by wearing too much tight skinny jeans because it makes you look stupid & mad plus you will uncomfortable in it. Always try to choose a dress in which you feel comfort.

Usage of Make-up by Men:

13 Using Makeup of men that Women Hate

Some men are following the fashion of nail art as well as some like to apply lip color on their lips but believe you will never look stunning instead of it look very trashy & rubbish.

Uggs Boots:

14 uggs boot

Men wearing ugg boots are looking very ridiculous & stupid. Look, it’s really very funny men’s fashion that makes every woman to laugh at men.

Square Toe Shoes:

15 square toe shoe

Too much square toe shoes can diminish the grace of your personality. So, avoid this type of toe footwear. You can with pointed toe for a graceful look.