Top 5 Most Important Ways to Reduce Air, Water & Land Pollution


Types of Pollutions & Ways to Control it:

As we know that the world is progressing very fastly but due to this progress at one side people are becoming advance but on the other this progress is creating different types of pollution such as air pollution, water pollution, land pollution etc. As we know that in this age of modernism everyone is trying to get luxuries of life. They want a separate home to live as a result people are cutting trees & constructing homes.

We know the fact that trees plays a vital role in making our environment very pleasant. Trees absorb carbon dioxide which is a harmful gas for human beings & release oxygen that is necessary for human beings. Similarly, there is lots of carelessness that is shown by the people which is ultimately making our world polluted. People throw plastic bags here & there, as result you can heaps of rubbish.

These rubbishes create different types of pollution in which the most remarkable is land pollution, due these heaps land looks very gauche. These heaps also liberate bad smell that leads towards bad air pollution & when this rubbish mixed with water then the water also becomes much polluted. In short words there are lots of human activities that are causing air, land & water pollution, we just need to control over those activities which are making our environment polluted.

Here, I am going to tell you top 5 ways on how you can reduce pollution. Hopefully, these ways will help you to stop some portion of air, water & land pollution. Let take a look!

1)    Turn-off Lights & other Appliances when you are not at home or you are going outside from home. These appliances & lights actually emissions carbon which makes our air polluted. So, make air clean & fresh by using energy, lights & other appliances only when required.

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2)    In this age of fashion & modernism, every one want to get his/her own vehicle so that he/she can move from one place to another. But individual vehicles, cars & motor bikes actually raise the air pollution which causes many diseases in human beings. So, for reducing it you need to use public transportation instead of private cars as you can see lots of separate cars & vehicles creates not only air pollution but also become a cause of lot of traffic road block problem.

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3)    Don’t waste the old items into the rubbish. Try to think creatively. Try to reuse or recycle the old things. Recycling & reusing helps you to reducing the land pollution or heaps of rubbish. You can also buy reusable products.

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4)    Water is very important for us. But with the passage of time lacking of watering is becoming a very big issue in different countries. So we want to use it very effectively. We try to stop it wastage. For this purpose you need to fix water leaks punctually & promptly. Don’t waste water.

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5)    In winter as well as in summer you need to maintain the gas appliances and heater regularly so that gas leakages can never create air pollution. Gas leakages can also become a serious cause to death. So be careful.

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