Top 8 Lipsticks Brands and Colors:


Yes in this 21st century girls are fond of beautiful and looks and stylish appearance so number of designers works a lot to release and launch exclusive collection every eyar regarding to each and every accessory. And now in this modern world there is a trend of designer or branded articles as it gives a classy impression. People use branded stuff these days beacue brands assure the quality and it represents your living standard classy and luxury. Same rule is apply even in cosmetics. There are number of cosmetics brands that provide the best quality makeup that will really have no harmful effects on face or body.

Here we are going to discuss some classy and luxury top most brands regarding to lipsticks. Branded lipsticks are no doubt f superior quality because e it is the matter of your lips which are sensitive we cannot do experiments with them.

So here have a look on our some presenting collection of brand which are the top most brands deals with cosmetics and are eminent and well know for lipsticks shades and quality.

Lipstick by H couture Beauty

Unbelievable price of lipstick which is 14 million as it comes with mascara and released by the top most brand H couture Beauty. The mascara body is made up of gold and lipstick conatins almost 2500 diamonds studded in it in hot pink color.

1 Expenive Branded Lipsticks (6)

Kiss Kiss Lipsticks by Guerlain:

These are the real expensive and classy lipsticks made of gold and diamond studded in it. And 15 shades has been selected to sold the lipstick it is really expensive one because its one piece costs $ 62000.

2 Expenive Branded Lipsticks (4)


Dolce and Gabbana Lipsticks:

Here Dolce and gabbana is the best Italian based brand that deals in cosmetics and is the most captivating brand. And the price of Lipstick by Dolce and Gabbana is $34

Famous Lipsticks by Dior:

4 Expenive Branded Lipsticks (2)

Here we have another amazing lipstick brand Rouger Dior whose lipstick is also best in quality and very expensive with 32 stunning colors.

Christian Dior Brand:

Here another famous brand that deals with beautiful lipsticks and is long lasts. It is enriched with vitamin and price is $34.

Clinique Mac Lipstick:

5 Expenive Branded Lipsticks (5)

Here another famous brand that deals with beautiful lipsticks and is long lasts. It is enriched with vitamin and price is $34.

This is a great long lasting soft lipstick that deals with beautiful shades. Its price is $ 17 in the market.

Estee Lauder Sculpting Lipstick:

6 Expenive Branded Lipsticks (1)

This is another beautiful lipstick of topmost and bestselling brand that gives best impression and its price is $30.

Givenchy Lipsticks:

7 Expenive Branded Lipsticks (3)

Givenchy lipsticks are also the best lipstick with superior quality and makes you look amazing .