Ways to Select the Blush According to Your Skin


Make up is the compulsory thing for a girl without make they can’t move outside because makeup  give them a perfect look  in the make we have to face  many problems that  we have not an idea where we  have done this mistake .there are so many powders are available in the market but which is best for our skin it is so difficult for us to select .blush is  very good  for your skin but  it should be matched to your skin .

make up means is not applying  many things on your face and look like a clown or it does not  mean leave your face simple people feel  that how much bore person that is so do the makeup but live in your limits because everything  has some limitation  so apply the makeup according to your  skin tone  there are three type of skin tone  which is mostly found in our society  but a person who want to look like  the  model or show his appearance  like the  actresses then they should keep two powder at least peach and the pink because these both can go with every tone so stay with us and see  the skin tone  and color of blushes.

Fair skin:

Few  people have  fair skin  fair means over sensitive because the fair skin people can hurted badly and the scars of the  hit can remain for a long time  you should select the light colors for your face  beauty because  light colors can give you a natural and smooth look .when you are  applying the blush on  the first apply it on your apple of the cheeks means on the cheeks bone  apply t through the eye to the llips corner  in upper  side and  baby pink color ,champagne  and the  peach color is best for fair skin  instead of brush you should use the finger  because finger pores can blend it accurately under your eye shadow must apply the  blush on because it can help you  to keep your kajal  save otherwise it become spoil and spread under your eyes.when you are giving your makeup a final touch then  apply the shimmer and the glitter on your  chin and the cheeks   it show your skin  glowing and the sparkling in the light.

Medium skin:

The medium color skin  is found very much  strength because it is not go in the  white and not in the black it is 50 50  when you are going outside and want to apply the makeup then  you should  keep in your mind   the makeup is in light form because dark can give you an odd and artificial look  so  for the medium color  skin tone I recommend for them  red and the maroonish shade so if they don’t like to go with these dark shade  then you can use the  plum and the  shoking pink color but  apply the highlighter  in a good way because if you  don’t use  the base and the highlighter on your cheeks bone it  create  bad look .apricot  shade for the shimmer is good  because when  you apply the blush on then the highlighter should be dark.

Dark skin:

Medium skin and the fair skin ladies are very beautiful but we can’t deny that  the dark ladies are not pretty  because everyone has its own attraction and beauty  then they should select the dark colors like rosy red orange .try to enhance the cheeks bone because it can increase your beauty  gold and the  metal color are perfect choice for the dark skin babes  muddy maroon , dark chocolate color and the  pale colors are good for your skin  bright orange blush can show your  skin  more beautiful  you can use the liquid shimmer and the  glitter   foundation and for the enhancing the apple of your cheeks you should apply the   ash colors. Then you will see that your skin is blushing and you are looking fabulous in this blush on your cheeks are blushing slightly.

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