Different Styles and Color Women’s Shoes for 2016


Shoes are the main part of your wardrobe because without shoes we can’t  move outside   and in the shoes there are many  styles and  soles are carried by the people which  give them a good look .oxford shoes are  originally flat  ,plain and the  formal it is  made of leather and carried with any  dress like casual, semi formal ,uniform  and other dresses which you carry .in an ancient age these shoes were made in the  leather stuff but now it  is made in the  calf  leather ,faux skin ,suede ,leather and the  genuine patent leather and normally it were in the black or brown but  now it is In so many different colors and styles.

You can carry in season because it is not too much hot for the summer and in the  winter it is moderate. Women oxford shoes trend is increasing day by day it  were firstly introduce in the 19th century  this designs is borrowed from the men style that had gave them much fame among the  ladies of that age .the variety  in the women’s shoes are much more they can carry any shoes independently they are not bound to carry selected  shoes so here  I have some shoes which you  will like most.

Round toe leather shoes:


Girls who are going to college and universities they can carry the lace up black color leather shoes   vintage carved   in the all seasons because these shoes can give them decent look  and it is very soft  and light in walking you feel easy yourself in it  this shoes with any color dress you can carry it   is available in black just because leather is mostly in black color.

 Low heel oxford shoes:


If you are going to select the shoes for yourself   and you are a college girl then you can go with the Racine style  shoes with the low heel  vintage fringed it is best for the boyfriend jeans and the   casual pants because it is simple and nice for the   in   carrying it will give you an awesome look for   the college time and you loom decent student.

Street style looks:


Now a day’s street  style is too much common among the  young generation they want to introduce their  own fashion among the people  so you can go with the  skin color lace up shoes in the retro style with the frock skirt  pent and the tights you can carry these shoes in the lace up style and the  ladies flat heel  slip on shoes are carried in the winter season.

Lace up ankle length:


In the party and any get together party  you want to do something  casual and trendy then you  can go with the  lace up  green shaded  ankle length shoes  that are looking fabulous  round low heeled shoes  you can carry these shoes with narrow pants and the  mini skirt in the  spring season it will give you modern  and outstanding look.

Red color snake printed:


Red color thick round heel  slip on   shoes  with  snake style on the shoes is looking beautiful  with the shorts and  the  skirts you can  go with white silk and the different color dress with this shoes  you can do rock with it because all the  shoes are  not  good for your foot  these vintage pumps are very inn for the working ladies these style shoes are good.