Exquisitely Beautiful Sarees With Half Blouse on Wedding


Sarees is the traditional dress in India where it is considered a sign of their culture. With the passage of time innovation and novelty can be seen in this trend. Looking at the versatility and style not only in India but also in some countries of Asia the fashion of saree never goes out of sight all round the year. Women in parties and weddings like to wear saree and the outfit helps them to look gorgeous and graceful. Half blouse or full blouse both looks nice and stylish but here we will see hoe saree looks with half blouse. Unarguably Saree with half blouse look more stunning, hot and sexy.

It accentuates more feminism and looks fusion of tradition and contemporary style together. Saree in different colors combination looks more attractive and the color contrast of saree and blouse holds very much importance. Here we are going to suggest you how you can contrast the color of saree and blouse to have a tremendous look.

Floor length purple saree with orange blouse;


This saree in different colors is exuding rich tone of colors with the colors combination of orange, purple shade and grapes shaded dupatta. Here we have a dupatta saree with large volume and coupled with orange color blouse. Broad patches on hemline and floral designing on dupatta that is draped is decorating the saree making it worth to wear on a ceremony. It is dupatta saree which is giving girlish look and the girl wearing this saree is looking outstanding and stunning.

Candy pink saree with golden color blouse;


This saree is looking extremely hot and gorgeous. Here candy pink color mixed with peach shade and golden color half blouse are truly complementing each other and making the outfit a good-looking one. Half blouse is embellished with golden work and a belt around the waist is looking modish and stylish. Sequences on dupatta and on one side of the bottom are making the outfit a perfect one to wear on parties or weddings to turn all eyes around.

Ombre shaded saree with black blouse;


In this saree we can see how different shades are combined together to make a perfect outfit. Ombre shaded saree from bottom is making a classy contrast with black blouse. Black blouse is embellished with kora work, zari work and Gota work. On half blouse different works are done very intriguely and heavy kora work done on the bottom with beautiful scheme pattern. Net sleeves with patches on cough and on hemline and at the edges of the dupatta are uplifting the grace of the saree.

Turquoise blouse with beige color bottom;


Turquoise color saree is giving somewhat royal look with the contrast of beige color bottom. Georgette boarder at the hemline, on the edges of dupatta and at the coughs of the sleeves is looking fabulous and the saree is looking a privilege to wear for any girl. Half blouse of turquoise color with work on neckline is complementing this dupatta saree giving the outfit an awesome look.

Multi-shaded saree with golden silk blouse;


Here we have a very traditional saree which girls can wear in Sangheet function. The colors are making the saree traditional but its style is making it contemporary and wearing this girl can look fashion statement. Green color frills at the hemline which is not in high volume but it is normal. Another golden patch is stitched on the bottom and at the edges of the dupatta and golden silk blouse is making it perfecto wear on wedding function.