Stunning Bridal Shoes Designed With Lace


After the selection of the bridal dress, jewelry and other accessories the most important thing is the selection of appropriate shoes hat look best to your dress and perfectly match your wedding gown. In this article we will talk about the shoes that you can carry on your important day with your stunning bridal dress.

The idea for choosing wedding shoes is all about being comfortable so you need to ensure that your shoes are as comfortable as possible. While selecting you should consider three things wedding style/theme, comfort and budget it should be much easier to select the shoes.

The most popular color in shoes is ivory because ivory shade goes perfect with the majority of dresses and compliments almost every color dress. Most of the ivory shoes are designed in silk and satin and some are fully dye able to any color you like and match to your dress and decorated with lace, stones and other materials.

Some brides like to carry flat shoes with the wedding dress because flat shoes are an easy option to look feminine and chic without adding height and a bride can easily dance in the flat hoes as the pair of peep toes in royal blue color is decorated with ivory shade lace embellished with ivory pearls, rhine stones and some big stones looking nice and will look good with royal blue lace gown.

Other pair of flat shoes are designed in raccine in ivory shade and decorated with beautiful ivory lace that is garnished with rhine stones, milky white pearls and ivory shade pearls the pair is looking so beautiful and will compliment your wedding gown and will give you comfort in dancing.

Peep toe shoes are also called open toe shoes because these are usually covered shoes with only the toe visible with a narrow opening. The pair of peep toes is decorated with floral lace motifs garnished with same color stones and pearls. Ivory shade peep toes are designed in the stuff of net with high heels and a ribbon is placed on it to tie the shoes and other pair of open toe pumps is designed in lace the pair is kept simple and no material is used to decorate the shoes these two simple pairs are looking nice and graceful. Peep toes are designed in wedge heels and perfect for those brides don’t feel comfort in high heels, this pair will inspire them a lot.

High heel pumps are designed in the stuff of net in red color and the addition of golden color in heels make the pair more stylish and it will look best with red dress and other girls also can carry this pair with the red dress. High heel shoes are made in the satin stuff and adorned with lace in light pink color decorated with sequins, pearls and some stones in same color and the pair has ankle strap that is adorned with tassel looking nice and unique. The high heel pumps are so stylish designed in light golden color decorated with fancy lace and golden sole with golden heels made the pair elegant.

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