French Braids Ideas for Long Hairs


French Braid Hairstyles:

If you are searching for 5 minute hairstyles then I think you are on the right place because today I am going to share very easy & chic hairstyles with. The positive point of this article is that these hairstyles are easy to make & takes less time. I think braided hairstyle is one of those hairstyles that are always in fashion.

Among braided hairstyles the “French braid” has its own importance. There are a number of different ways to make a French braid. Today, I am going to share these versatile ways of French braid with you. Hopefully you will like these.

If you have long hairs then these hairstyles are just appropriate for you. As we know that the 2015 prom party is not far so hurry up girls & pick up your prom party hairstyle from here. Similarly, bridals can make their wedding day memorable by choosing a best French braid hairstyle. Waiting for what? Just explore the pictures!

French Braid Ponytail:

1 French Braid Hairstyles for Long Hair 2015 collection (7)

School going or teenage girls can control their long & voluminous hairs by utilizing this French braid ponytail hairstyle idea. It is easy to make.  Make French braids by using hairs from left & from right side while the center hairs can be used for making ponytail. Now you can tuck these braids into the ponytail as shown into the above picture.

French Braid Updo:

2 French Braid Hairstyles for Long Hair 2015 collection (3)

Just make a one-0side French braid then tuck it into your updo as shown into the above photo. It is an ideal idea for mature & office working women. In this way your long hairs never disturbs you during working hours.

One Side French Braid:

3 French Braid Hairstyles for Long Hair 2015 collection (11)

One of the very simplest hairstyles is the “one-sided-French-braid-hairstyle”. It looks chic & pretty. It is a perfect casual hairstyle idea for those girls who have long hairs.

Waterfall French Braid:

4 French Braid Hairstyles for Long Hair 2015 collection (8)

For attending a party, you can give a very formal look to your long hairs with this waterfall French braid hairstyle.

Forehead French Braid with Straight Hairs:

5 French Braid Hairstyles for Long Hair 2015 idea

Create a forehead French braid & then let it flare into your straight hairs as shown into the above picture!

Hairstyles for Long Hairs:

As we know that when we talk about hairstyles then the length of your hairs has a great importance. There is a very big relationship between length of hairs & hairstyle. Lots of hairstyles such as braided hairstyles, updo hairstyles & curly hairstyles can be made according to the length of your hairs. So, all the French braid hairstyles which are shown above are just perfect for long hairs. Some are shown below so don’t forgot to check put these also!