Stunning and Elegant Collection of Hair Accessories for Brides


Some brides want some bling to wear in the hair and want to adorn their hair with different kinds of hair adornments like combs, circlets, headbands and crowns.  These adornments are simply heavenly and may just put the finishing touch to your wedding attire. Chose a perfect headpiece with your attire can be a daunting task if you are confuse about the selection then read this article and see the pictures to get the idea.

The most important aspect you should keep in mind while choosing an appropriate hair accessory is your dress because your dress is going to set the style for your whole look. If your dress is heavily embellished then you should chose lightweight and simple hair jewelry and of the dress is simple, choose some heavy hair accessory and the color of the dress is also a consideration.  Then comes too your wedding day hairstyle and which hairstyle you are wearing as bridal updo, all down hairstyle, half up half do etc. so it is best to choose a hairstyle then select a hair accessory to compliment the hairstyle.

The third thing to take consideration is the theme of the wedding, for beach wedding, a starfish hair comb will go best and if the wedding ceremony is going to be held in a park and lawn of your house then you should adorn your hair with fresh flowers.

Hair combs are the most popular choice among brides and they work best accenting an updo in the back or side of the head but can also be worn with hair down and side swept hairstyle.  You can see in the pictures, hair combs are used with different hairstyles. This handcrafted side comb will add instant opulence and glamour to your big day. This comb is perfect for side swept do or un understated side swoop. Pair this beautiful comb, designed in leaf design with metal and stones and get ideal compliments.

Other is also designed in flower and leafy design with stones and pearls set with side low messy bun.
A forehead headband can create a beautiful classic look or a dramatic statement depending on the style.  If you want to make a statement, chose a dainty understated piece for a more traditional style or a bling out glamorous look.

If you want a romantic look as well as elegant and sophisticated on your wedding day then you should go for flowers because Flowers are always a favorite piece to adorn the heads of brides, if the wedding is in a garden or lawn in the spring season. Chose a simple and fresh hair flower for garden or backyard wedding and if there is no fresh flower then opt for an artificial flower that can be ,made at home easily and quickly and you will look more elegant, soft and romantic on your big day.

If you want a unique, romantic and boho chic look, opt for hair vines because hair vines are the newest hair accessory and can be used with different hairstyles in different ways as on the back of soft braided updo, top of your head like a headband, around the bun or it can be worn across the forehead.