Fresh Flower Handbags for Flower Girls and Brides a Unique Idea


Some brides and bridesmaids and flower girls chose to shun flowers altogether for their big day in favor of herbs, foliage and textured plant material. This trend works wonderfully for rustic weddings. Get the flower bag by asking your florist to create a stunning flower purse or bag wheat, rosemary and other flowers and the addition of ribbon is perfect finishing touch to hold the bag.

Flower bag is the gorgeous trend currently giving wedding aisles plenty of wow factors in flower girl purse bouquet. Rather than the typical flower girl basket. These adorable are either decorated or completely covered with fresh or silk flowers and bejeweled with gems, rhinestones and brooches.

Small bag including handle is fully covered with green grass and some purple and green flowers and a brooch of rhinestones is also placed to make the bag of flower girl more beautiful. Other bag is fully decorated with green leaves and placed them on bag by rolling in the shape of flowers and some lilies are also used to make the bag more beautiful and green leaves are also wrapped around the wooden handle, it is called moss purse.

You can decorate your bag or clutch with different kinds of flowers as you can see the picture of two small bags. These are made in fabric and covered with silk flowers and you can do this with fresh flowers also. And place some beads in the centre of each flower to make them more beautiful or you can place a brooch or big flower in the centre of the flower bag.

Small bag of flower girl is decorated with fresh flowers and stones and ribbon handle to this flower bag would make it an appropriate accessory for a flower girl. Hand clutch is totally made in flowers and leaves and no material is and no artificial material is used to give it proper shape. The bag is made with big green leaves by rolling them to get an appropriate shape. Some tiny buds of fresh roses are used to decorate the bag and delicate wooden handle are decorated with a leafy tie and a rose bud.

Fresh flowers pomanders are popular accessories for young bridesmaids and flower girls. These adorable flowers spheres compliment a bride’s and bridesmaid’s dense. A bride will be delighted to carry this special pomander. Make a flower orb by a ball. Cover a plastic-foam ball with fresh or silk flowers and hang it from a looped ribbon so a flower girl can carry this as she walks down the aisle.

Tiny flower basket is made with banana leaves to put the flowers in it and there is a wooden handle to hold the basket. Fabric covered tin baskets filled with fresh roses make lovely and sturdy carrying basket for a flower girl. Decorate the basket with big fresh white rose and rose petals under the rose and fill it with different kinds of fresh flowers.

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