Hand Bag Ideas for The Women in The Barrel Style


Hand bag is the best friend for the ladies because in the bags they can keep their all things  save  all the  essential things can be placed at one place .now in this modern world it become a fashion that a lady can’t be go outside without bag  whether it is empty .hand bag is in the different styles and  stuffs means in the handbag  tote, barrel, safari, hobo, half moon , bucket ,swagger and many other handbag are carried by the ladies  because the style of anything can’t remain same it is changing according to the time and trend  and the trend of anything can’t remain same but you should something  good quality thing means the stuff which is used for the bag is  made in high quality .

Barrel bag is in the round cylindrical shape  you can keep many things in it in the bag of the ladies  one lipstick is must to keep  because ladies can’t move without make up  for the working ladies, travelling , street style look ,students, and the all ladies who belong to the any profession they can go with these handbags.

Brown leather barrel bag:

The girls who belong to the  sports and the athletic  profession then they can go with the barrel bag it is in the brown or white color  they can keep their track suit , sneakers and the other essential things easily because it is large enough that your  all things can be kept in it the ladies who are going on the tour or any travel plan then  use the barrel or duffle bag both are something same.

Brown leather bag:

Brown color big size barrel bag in the leather stuff is looking awesome the fashionable girls like to carry barrel bag when they go outside they carry this bag with the shoes and the shirt the girl is on the  ramp modeling with her  fancy dress and the bag you can keep  more things init office ladies ,models and the many other trendy girls like to go because the barrel bag is in the trend.

Multi shaded bag:

The funky girls like to go with the colorful thing like dresses ,shoes, bags  and many other thing the  barrel bag is in the mauve and  sky blue color shaded because on the upper of the bag web style  net is looking so enchanting  stones  in the floral style in different color is giving your bag a semi formal look you can give it to the bride  with the dresses  you can hang it and hold it in your hand.

Black and yellow color bag:

Black looks good with every shade  because it  is nice  color and you can select black color with your  any color dress  if you are going on the party or any  get together in the evening then hold the barrel  bag black color bag yellow color  round shaped  on it with the golden strips  with your slit gown  ,one  piece  dress  you can go with this bag this is best for you.

Street styles look:

The girls who want to go with the street style fashion they can carry the barrel bag also  because it is very nice style it  can cover many things  street style girls can hold it and hang it on their shoulder it can go in both style it is up to your choice  in which way you like to use black dress with the black barrel bag that is embellished with the golden sequence  on the overall bag.

Maroon color barrel bag:

Senior ladies mostly like the dark colors like the maroon  bottle green , brown  and all other dark shaded are liked by them   the dark colors are In fashion  now a day’s  young girls are  also  selecting the  dark colors so here I have maroon color net style barrel bag that is looking so awesome  you can  carry it without the net stuff of layer in it because  in the bag  a barrel style leather fabric is in the  net bag  it is embellished with the silver stones