Allure by MHT Pre Eid ul Azha Fall Jewelry Collection 2016-2017 Has Unique and Elegant Designs


Mehreen H Tabani is a jewelry designer who specialized in costume jewelry and Allure by MHT is a bespoke jewelry label.   Allure by MHT is the fusion of traditional designs of Eastern jewelry and the elegant techniques of the west. You will find elegant, modern and traditional jewelry in this collection.
In earrings, bracelets, necklace she used the ethnic oversized stones and baroque pearls in stunning colors and chunky metallic carved cuffs.

All designs of Allure by MHT are unique and beautiful and they are flourishing and growing each passing day. Mehreen’s specialization in the miniature studies has given her a special grip over the detailing of the designs and the collection is full of charm and elegance.

The pair if earrings adorned with a big stone in the shape of black rose is looking beautiful and can be worn with maxi, saree and any kind of black and golden dress. Multi color stone is fitted in this pair that can be worn with a colorful dress and embroidered dress of multi threads.

This pair has a unique design some tiny stones are placed on the big stone placed in the centre of the piece. Some tiny stones in the shape of petals are embedded above the round big stone and there is a grey stone in irregular shape looking so nice.

The chain of the pendant is designed with ivory pearls and pendant is designed in green color you can carry it with your green dress and it will look good with saree. The neck jewelry is designed with a heavy neck piece and with some heavy chains and there is a beautiful pendant in light blue color this will look good with saree and you can carry it with your jeans or top.

The bracelet has a pearl chain and a black stone withy delicate floral design you can carry this with your dress and can be worn in party. The pendant has a beautiful design with ivory pearl chain and tiny ivory pearl tassel beneath the green pendant this can be used casually and formally.

This haar is looking so beautiful made in the pearl chains and in kundan chains by wearing this with your fancy dress you will look nice and elegant. The pair of earrings is designed with big stones of golden, white and brown color and a simple gold chain if you are going to wear a dress embellished with stones then this will look best with your dress.

This ear jewelry is specially designed for Eid-ul-Azha because it is designed in the shape of goat and this is perfect for your Eid day and you will look different from others by wearing this unique piece. This simple piece can be used casually with a simple dress of lawn.

Sea green color is used in making the ear jewelry that is designed with a stone in sea green color and some tiny rose in sea green color are printed on the white stone anyhow the jewelry is looking good and this can be worn with a printed dress. These earrings are designed in kundan and will look nice with a fancy dress full of zari work and other pair is designed in three colors looking good and perfect for formal party.

All the pieces of this collection are fabulous and everyone will wish to buy and carry these on the casual and formal functions.

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