Amazing Jewelry Collection for Christmas


Christmas is coming, it is celebrated on 25th of December and Christian people considered that it was the day of birth of Jesus Christ. They celebrate the day in the memory of their lord. From the 1st of December, people start making preparations to celebrate this festival. Christian women are more excited about the great festival than the men.

Because women are always fond of garnish them with stylish clothes, shoes and other accessories. Special dresses are prepared in the honor of this big festival, there is great rush of people in the markets. Young girls are crazier about the celebration and they design stylish and special dresses and they buy jewelry match to their dresses. This article is about girl’s jewelry that is especially designed for Christmas.

This head band is looking so nice; especially designed for Christmas; this can be made at home easily and quickly. Take a simple head band and Christmas ornaments in different colors and sizes and then place these ornaments one by one on the top of the band with the help of glue. Let it dry and after drying, garnish your hair with this beautiful headband on the eve of Christmas. You can prepare such headbands for giving gifts to others.

Bracelet is also especially designed for Christmas for the specific things, you can see only on Christmas as like snowman, Santa Claus, snowflakes and Christmas tree etc. gold plated earrings are designed in shape o Christmas tree with stones of red, dark green and white color also. You can design your dress in these colors too match to the earrings. Other pair of earrings is also designed in tree style in sterling silver with delicate carved design, green and red stones and gold plated star is also embedded on the top of each piece to give it the proper Christmas tree shape.

The pair of earrings is looking awesome, designed especially for Christmas. In this pair dark green crystals in different sizes are embedded like a tree and red crystal is placed on the top of the tree and shaded white square stones are placed on the bottom to make the pair more beautiful and attractive. Surprise your friends by making this pair at home with some simple and easily available materials.

Gold plated finger rings are designed with different Christmas characters as snowman, socks and hat of Santa Claus and reindeer’s face. These rings are for little girls so make your little daughters and younger sisters happy by giving them the gift of these special rings.
Sterling silver pendant is designed in the shape of snowflake with rhinestones; you can wear this pendant with delicate chain on the special event of Christmas.

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