Fabulous And Stylish Jhoomer For Weddings


Trend of Jhoomer was common for brides some years before then it got diminished but now it has made a comeback. Now Jhoomer are hype these days not only brides but other girls are also wearing Jhoomer to look elegant and royal.

Every fashionista desire to know what is going the most trendy thing in fashion realm and always wants to do the trendy thing. But this thing requires effort from you and you have to find out what fashion is on its peak at the present time. Here we will show you different kinds of Jhoomer that you can purchase to adorn your head and to have chic and fashionable, look.

Every woman must have the guts to try the ongoing trend. If a marriage of near or dear one is coming then must opt for a Jhoomer that look perfect with your overall look. Different designs of Jhoomer are shown here for you to give you ideas how you can follow the trend:

Traditional Jhoomer:

This traditional Jhoomer will work for you making you stand out in the crowd. The piece of Jhoomer is large enough so ignore wearing large size earrings but go with small size one and let this single Jhoomer talk for you.

With side parted hairstyle you can adorn this Jhoomer on left side of the head and can flaunt in a crowd. Wearing Lehenga with short shirt you can wear this Jhoomer to have elegant look. If there is any nikkah function then taking dupatta on head you can look ethereal with setting the Jhoomer at one side with the dupatta.

Jhoomer with large size Maang tikka:

If you desire to have heavy look then opt for Jhoomer and maang tikka both. You can match the style and design of the both things. With A-line Lehenga or sharara with short shirt you can wear this large size Maang tikka with crystals and white pearls.

The Jhoomer is also in large size and the crystals and colors of both the Maang tikka and Jhoomer are looking complementary for each other. As the head is décor heavily so there are no earrings but a piece of necklace match with maang tikka and Jhoomer is looking outclass and this style can make wonders for you making you prominent in the crowd.

Jhoomer for bridal:

Bridal can wear a heavy Jhoomer with other ornaments like heavy necklace earrings and Maang tikka. Red and golden color jewelry will make a bride shine with all of her jewelry. The bridal is looking very attractive and captivating in this attire.

Her Jhoomer has completed her look and the awe-inspiring design is giving her ravishing beauty. Match the design and the color of the earrings and Jhoomer to make the look breath-taking and jaw-dropping.

A big Jhoomer at one side of head:

This big size Jhoomer is looking very beautiful and captivating in golden color and the layers of white colors are making it more eye-catching. With bouncy hairstyle the Jhoomer is looking wonderful and one look of this Jhoomer will make your hairstyle to have this Jhoomer and try it on a wedding. With cape style Lehenga this Jhoomer will look amazing to complement your outfit and whole attire.

Jhoomer with bun:

Jhoomer on bun is looking fabulous. If you are wearing not too embellished dress then you can add glamour to your look with this Jhoomer. Not only with heavy dresses but the simple outfits can be made full of glory with the addition of Jhoomer. Fully on hairs or half on forehead and half on hairs both styles look awesome to do. With vintage inspired outfits the Jhoomer look very nice with open, curly or bun hairstyle.