Fashion of Employing Fake Lip Rings on Lips


Artificial Lip Ring Trend for Girls:

In this modern age the fashion of body decoration by piercing different parts of body is getting fame among the youngsters. Usually the girls & boys of new generation love piercing. In the past piercing were only limited to tribal areas but with the progress in world the customs of piercing also become famous among young girls & boys all over the world. Now they like piercing on eyebrow, ear, septum & belly. Similarly, the lip piercing is also getting rapid fames. When your pierce a body part then of course you wear a jewelry piece in this piercing for making this area to look beautiful & sensational. So, in this way piercing promotes hotness & boldness. Piercing means lots of pain (it can take 1 month to 3 months time for healing). It’s quite tricky but mostly common among girls. There are some girls who like piercing fashion but cannot bear the pain that actually occurs during piercing a body part. So, for them the artificial jewelry is designed so that they can wear these jewelry pieces around the areas where piercing is done. So, today, I bring the artificial range of lip rings for those girls who lip piercing but cannot bear the pain. So they can use these. Lip can be pierced in a variety of way such as on lower lips, on upper lips, in the middle of lips, either on left side of a lower lip or right or both sides & so on.

Labret Lip Piercing Artificial Rings:

1 popular fake lip ring in black color for girls

The piercing that is done into the middle area of lower lip is called labret lip piercing. If you like this type of piercing then tries to wear these artificial rings into the center of your lower lips. Choose your favorite color because these are available in golden, silver as well as black metal wires. You can also find these other colorful metals. If you like then you can make these as home. Simply take a thin wire that can be easily turned.  Add it into your lips. If you like then you can add a tiny bead into the wire for making it a fancy piece of jewelry for lip. It is one of most famous lip rings.

Different Designs of Lip Rings:

2 designs of popular fake lip ring for girls

You can lip rings in different designs as into the above pictures you can see hand sign design lip ring, snake bite style lip rings & a lip ring with a dot. Similarly, you can find beads embellished lip rings, crystal embellished as well as charm hanging artificial lip rings or pearls embellished lip rings. Those girls who never need permanent piercing can try these artificial lips rings. These are designed in such a way that no one will ever know that you have never pierced your lip. These lip rings just need a slid into lip & you are ready to rock in party!

Ways to wear Lip Rings:

3 ways of wearing fake lip ring for girl 4 ways of wearring fake lip ring for girls 5 ways of wearring fake lip ring for women 6 ways of wearring fake lip ring

When you wear only single ring in lip then it is called normal or standard lip piercing such as labret piercing lip ring (worn into the middle of lower lip), Monroe style lip ring (worn the left side of upper lip) or Madonna style lip ring (that is worn on the right corner of upper lip) while if you wear a pair of rings or four or three then these are called bite lip piercing. For example when you wear a pair of lip ring into the left & right side of lower lip then it called snake bite style. When you wear a pair of lip ring into the left & right side of above lip then it is called angle bite style. When you wear four lip rings, into the left & right side of both upper & lower lip, then it called canine bite style.