Stylish Kundan Head Jewelry for Bridals


There are a number of types of jewelry designed by designers and worn by girls. In the bridal jewelry one type of exterior is matha Patti which is significantly used by bridals on the wedding day to enhance the beauty. It is considered that this head piece is only for bridals and the married women but now this trend has totally changed now young girls also wear this piece at special event and occasions.

Matha Patti is somewhat a type of crown made for women to give the royal look and groom the beauty of the bridal. I have amazing collection of Kundan matha Patti as Kundan is very precious and demanded by every bride. Well personally I like this very much. If talking about this head piece we can say the trend of matha Patti has once again come but brides also have choices according to their likes and dislikes.

Look at the classy type of Kundan head pieces which is more than wow and charming wearing by beautiful bridals. The base is in the form of tikka and is adorned by layer of decorated chains. It can be extended with the multi layers according to the customer choice or the demand of the design.

Colorful beads and the other stuff can also be added to make the match with your dress but be careful about making it heavier than your necklace. Second decide the style of head jewelry accord by the face shape which will be helpful to intensify the face cut and beauty.
These classical pieces are wonderful and terrific to wear and to exaggerate the bridal look. Have a look please.

1 style matha patti in kundan (12)

2 style matha patti in kundan (11)

3 style matha patti in kundan (16)

4 style matha patti in kundan