Traditional Jewelry Ideas for Bengali Brides


A Bengali wedding includes many rituals and ceremonies that can span several days. Bengali weddings are known for the endearing and extravagant celebrations and events. Bengali bridal; jewelry accessories have amazing traditional designs and bridal jewelry is an inherent part of every bride’s attire. In some families, ornaments are inherited from the mother and grandmother. Gold is the back bone of Bengali bridal jewelry and it is the deep routed culture of traditional Bengali jewelry.


Tiara is the specification of Bengali bride that distinguishes the Bengali bride from the brides of other regions and Bengali bride is recognized by wearing a tiara. It is a head crown in white color made in special kinds of materials. It is used to hold the veils of the Bong Bride and this white crown also called ‘mukut’.

Maang tikka/Tikli:

This accessory is used to adorn the forehead as the head displays, center parting of the hair. It is featured in pure gold with gold chain in tiny leafy design.


Nose ring called nath is traditional bridal jewelry and the most important part of Bengali bridal jewelry. Girls especially pierce their nose before the wedding to wear the nose ring. Nose rings are worn in different sizes according to the choice of the bride large or small with an elaborate chain going all the way up to the side of the forehead. It is said that bigger the ‘Nath’, higher is the status of the bride. Clip on nose rings are available for those brides who don’t have nose piercing.

Bangles, Bracelets/ Chur:

All brides whether they are Bengali or not like to adorn their wrists with different kinds bangles like glass bangles, gold bangles, metal bangles and different bracelet made in stones and pearls. Traditional Bengali bangles and bracelet is called ‘chur’ and ‘navratna. Gold Churs stand out for the intricate designs carved on them and decorated with old painting look stunning.

Hath patti/Ratanchur:

A memoir of the Mughal Era, the ‘Ratanchur’ jewelry is meant for the hands. The traditional hath patti comprises of five fingers that are attached to an armlet. Sun, moon and lotus are the common and popular designs used in making connected area and this ornament is now designed with kundan stones and delicate metal or gold chains. It beautifully adorns the whole hand and looks gorgeous.


The chic is a type of choker necklace that sits pretty around the neck of the bride. Gold chics and chokers are an important part of jewelry and sometimes they studded with kundan stones, diamonds and pearls to give an add-on effect and to make them more beautiful. All Bengali whether they are bride or not wear such kind of jewelry at special occasions like wedding ceremony etc.
Bengali jewelry has so many different kinds but here we mentioned some most important pieces and hope you will like the article with picture the most.

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