Awe-Inspiring Nail Art Ideas For Square Shape Nails


Shaping your long or short nails can be overwhelming because there are different nail shapes as round, almond, square. While choosing nail art according to outfit and occasion, one should consider her nail shapes also to create attractive and charming look. We have rounded up awe-inspiring nail art ideas for square nails; square nail shape is great for both long and short nails.

Gold & black geometrical nail art for short nails:

Gold and black is timeless combination and by painting your short square nails with this you can give your nails glamorous look for parties. Geometrical shapes as triangle and rectangle in black and glittery gold are making the nails impressive and striking. Wearing matching gold and black outfit for a night party, you can consider making this unique and beautiful designing on your nails to make your entire look attractive and charming.

Floral nail art with pearls:

Floral nail art looks enormously beautiful and amazing in spring summer season. This floral designing will give you commendable look in spring season; paint your index and small finger with matt mauve color and décor you nails with white pearls to enhance the beauty of matt nails.

Make adorable floral designing with eye-catchy colors onto the three remaining nails and paint the edges with matt mauve. Pearls embellishments on the edges of nails will give your hands alluring and breathtaking look.

Pink flamingo nail art design:

Pink color gives girls lovely and sweet look so, pick this pretty pink with white for your nails. Paint your nails leaving the ring finger with this contrast to give your hands pleasant and refreshing look. Make the sweet pink flamingos onto the white nails to give the prominent and attention-grabbing look. This flamingo designing on nails will give you chic, beautiful and fashionable look.

Jungle imagery designing nail art:

If you have short square nails then this nail art designing with nature imagery including animals and trees will work best. Jungle imagery on your nails will give your nails and ands splendid and attention-grabbing look.

Shimmery nail paint for long square nails:

For your long square nails this nail art will do wonders for you and will give startling look to your hands. Ocean blue colors are looking spectacular with shimmery touch, these colors will work best for seaside parties and beach wedding ceremonies also.