Awesome Lovely Nail Art With Tooth Pick


Gorgeous nail art decoration with tooth picks

Nair art is modern and up-to-dated craze which become most prominent among modish whimsical girls. Initially, this looked very complicated and intricate that’ reason girls went to apply outstanding nail art towards salon. But with passing the time, this trend become common and now mostly girls save your money and enjoy different styles of nail arts at home.

Today, I am also going to share a superlative and innovative idea to apply nail art with the help of tooth pick. These trendy nail arts are easiest and you can quickly apply on your nails for emergency parties. Polka dots, nails, flowers nail art, leopard nails and stripped pattern nails decoration ideas are included in this grand assortment. Let briefly explain in this article about delightful and fascinated cheap nail arts.

Contrasted shades polka dots nail art

1 nail art with toothpick (12)

Girls mostly apply nail paints with matching their outfits. Here is superb terrific nail art idea with aqua & maroon two contrasted colors nail paints. Apply aqua nail polish neatly and then add dots with tooth pick.

Black & white leopard nail art

2 nail art with toothpick (7)

This is extremely elegant and darling nail paint that you can easily apply on your nails. Simply apply white glossy nail paint and then add leopard form spots with black paint. Apply these animals marks with the help of tooth pick.

Gorgeous nail paint for parties

3 nail art with toothpick (9)

Wao! This is too much nice and valued nail art that stunningly and expertly applied with tooth picks. Firstly, apply peach nail paint and leave it for dry. Now make red glitter dots in circle form with glitter and mid from yellow paint that look like a beautiful flower.

Polka dotted nail paint at home

4 nail art with toothpick (14)

In this above image you are seeing one of the most easiest and terrific nail paint that looks charming and dazzling. White shiny nail paint more adorned with red polish that exudes ultra-classic fetching look.

Here, you can see furthermore lovely and darling nail paint ideas those are applies simply at home with the help of tooth pick. Hope, you will like this fabulous & graceful nail paint ideas.