Beautiful Bail Art Designs in Evergreen Black Color for Stylish Girls


Black is evergreen color and majority off people including males and females like to wear black color at different special occasions. Whenever a girl is asked about her favorite color, maximum times the answer you will get is black.

Girls like to wear and design different styles black color dresses for special occasions and parties and they like to buy black accessories as mobile phones, shoes, bags etc. some girls like to paint their nails with black color too in order to look different from others.

If you find painting your nails simply with black nail paint a little boring, you d0ont have to drop the idea of black. You can be more creative with your favorite color and experiment your nails with nail art.

This can make your nails look really gorgeous and unique. Keep in mind with the new trends of nail art; we have come up today with various attractive, stunning and unique nail art designs in your favorite black color.

Black color always makes a good contrast with red color so why not try it to your nails. Make a base coat of glossy black nail polish and then make some patterns, dots or lines and then secure your design with a transparent glossy paint for shine. You can paint your nails like this for a night party with your black or red dress.

Black is evergreen glamorous color and you can add some more glamour to this by making some patterns ob matt black nail paint with white color as shown in the picture, all nails are painted with matt black color and three are decorated with crescent and star nail art design in matt white color.

this is nail art design is perfect for emo look so if you want to adopt emo fashion trend then you should go with this nail art design.

If you have a floral print on your dress and you wish to pair it with your nails, you can do it easily. First, paint your nails with simply black color and then draw a beautiful rose floral pattern in pastel colors as light pink and if there is no pink in your dress then you can make this design with other pastel colors too.

This floral nail art design is perfect for spring parties whether it is day or night.
If you have not enough time to embellish your nails with stylish nail art design, go for this simple heart design. Paint your all four finger nails with black and one with base coat; draw a beautiful and fine heart with black nail paint on the base coat.

This simple nail art design will give a great look to your nails.
Some brides are crazier black color even they want to use it on their wedding day too so here is an idea for them.

If a bride wants to paint her nails with black color then, paint her nails with simply black color and make a pattern with metallic gold c9olor on all of her nails. This will make her look glamorous and elegant on her big day.