Beautiful Techniques of Designing Nails With Burgundy Color


Paint nails make your hands look beautiful and also helps to bring changes and versatility as new design are being introduced. In new a day’s girls and women of every age are found crazy about this fashion. Now they try to paint their nails with different color contrast since it was become very boring for them to go with the same pattern of painting nails with one color only.

Everyone should try new ideas and new designs to make their hands attractive and different from others. Selecting one color as the base color you can embellish it with different things as studs, pearls, rhinestone or you can make contrast of colors to increase the charm of your hands.

Burgundy nail polish gives awesome result when it is applied on nails. It gives your hand royal and regal look and your hands will look very elegant. In winter as dark color becomes in fashion so if you are wearing burgundy color dress then makes your hands look lovely with burgundy color nail paint.
What you need to have with you are some important things like
•    Nude or white polish
•    Scotch tape
•    Burgundy nail polish
•    Different shades in burgundy color
•    Rhinestone or pearls
•    Scissors

Simple burgundy color nail paint;


Only burgundy color nail paint gives a very splendid look. If you want to go on some casual occasion or to some social event this style will look very appropriate as it is not too embellished. You can bring change in designing by painting four fingers with one color and remaining fingers with burgundy color. If you paint your nails with any nude color or white color polish then it will make your nail paint look more prominent.

Burgundy color embellished with rhinestone;


If you are wearing a fancy outfit then you can also make your nail paint to go with it. Paint your nail with burgundy color first then designs it with rhinestone. You can design the rhinestone at the side of the nails as shown in the picture. If your outfit has some touch or combination of other colors also you can give the touch of those colors making difference in the designing of the nail paint. But try to design both of your hands with the same pattern.

Burgundy color as outline;


Burgundy color can be used as outline of the nail paint. First paint your hands with nude color and then make an outline at the side or at the edges of the nails. Then you can make it shiny with the use of glitter. The shape of your nails is also very important to have an outstanding result. If you have pointed nails then make the outline at the edges but if you have square nails then you can make the outline at the upper portion of your nails.

Two color contrast in nail paint;


If you want to make different designs on nails then with the help of scotch tape you can fulfill your target. Cut the tape in different shapes and place on your nails then paint your nails with burgundy color. Draw the tape put and paint it with the other color. The shape depends upon the shape of the tape in which form you cut it. This style nail paint is very nice for party function. It is not necessary that if you are wearing two color contrast colors then you can make this pattern but if you are wearing a dress in burgundy color only then also you can follow this technique.

Try to be experimented and play with different designs and pattern for the sake of versatility. You can go with other designs also stressing your mind what changes you can bring. If you are going on wedding occasion then decorate your nails with glitter or shiny rhinestones. These styles will make your hands eye-captured and attention grabbing.