Different Designs In The Nail Paint With Art


Nail paint is the fashion of the  girls and they apply nail paints for enhancing the beauty of their  hands  because  everything has needed   grooming and decorating .in the accessories of girls there are so many things which are used  and in the previous ages only nail paints were used by the girls in different  when there were not many colors were discovered  but now hundred and thousands shades are inn  the girls are using these  nail paints and the art on their nail because art make your nail paint more charming.

The universities and the college girls learn to make the designs fast and then try on their hands it is made with the needle, match stick, ear bird and many things for creating the new designs. The trend of these designs never remain same it becomes change with the passage of time. In the spring season floral and bright colors are used and in the summer light matte color look nice and in the winter use the shimmery colors with the art .ethnic nail paint idea is good it tell your culture and  traditions that from which  culture do you have belong. So if you want to apply the ethnic nail paint then stay with us and see the different styles.

Letter monogram inspired:


Now a days the  traditional things are coming in the  trend you can use the nail paints in the style of letter monogram  means you can write your  name’s first letter on your nail  and on the other fingers make the zigzag print pink ,yellow,blue,white  and pink color are used on the  nails and on the monogram  you can write your boyfriend first  name letter  it look so nice  in the three fingers apply the simple nail paint and on the other use the  designs.

Intricate floral design:


Light pink color with the white shaded nail art is good it is on the Ombre style  you can make the prints on your nails intricate style flowers are made on the  with the leaves and branches on it for the autumn  season this  design is best  you can make it with the  casual dresses  the paint  is looking so beautiful you can use the light color with any dark shade  with this paint wear the different rings and make your hand beautiful .

Simple tribal nail art:


The younger who are inspired from the traditions and the tribal girls like to use these ideas which are mostly used by their  family  now of you are going to follow  the idea of  tribal  lifestyle then you can go with the   vibrant color scheme  simple nail art it is in check form and  on the nail first apply the white  color then use these colorful  it is very easy to make you can make it with the toothpicks  and the  needles.

Embellished nail in ethnic style:


The modern fashionistas who like to go with the fashion and want to alive their traditions they can go with the bold red and the nude color bold red color in the glitter form is nice with the nude color embellished with the rhinestones and the crystals   with the paint you can make the different design on the nails it will give you a good look for the wedding ceremony this nail art is best.

Light shade for summer:


In the summer we wear the dark color because on the lawn dark print look so beautiful mauve and the violet purple color is the good for the summer you can use these light color on your nails with the floral glitter touch on the nails it is specific flowers of any tribes you have no need to make the designed your all nails only one nail is designed and the other are simple nail paint .with your simple dresses make this design and go where you want to go.


In the gallery many other colorful ethnic designs are presented you can see and try it on your nails it will give you a perfect ethnic look  you can make it at your home it is not so difficult.