Different Nail Art Designing Ideas


Nails are the beauty of your  hands it give your nail a perfect look  as just like your eyes because your eyes are the window of your heart  nails should be  clean and tidy because if you  keep your hands and feet unclean then it is bad impact on your personality .We should keep our nails clean because when we are  sit in the gathering of different people see your gestures and the  their direct sight go  to your  hands and the foot because mostly people leave their  hand and foot black but their faces are  looking glowing and fresh.

But now a day’s girls are keeping their concentration on their hands and feet both because they are aware form the other’s nature .they do manicure pedicure and sop many ski treatment for making their  look glowing and neat. Many nail paints are available in the market which is in different colors and the styles you can use it on your hands with different techniques because if you are college girl then you must be have the knowledge of the new styles.

Animal inspired:


Many girls like to  go with the animal printed  designs whether it is dress it is shoes ,bags and now in nail paints so if you like the animal printed then you can go with the butterfly style and then  tiger print because it look awesome when you make it on your white and glowing hands. The Ombre style in the light purple ,pink and sky blue all colors are good with the  dark shaded butterfly and the tiger print is also good  on the back of your nails means on the bottom apply the shiner for the shiny look and on the top of the nail black and mustard color  tiger print can make your nails beautiful with the  bow stones  on it for the fancy look.

Black shade with different shaded:


Black color is the favorite color of the boys and the girls because it is suitable for all the  seasons you can carry it in the summer ,winter ,autumn ,spring in all seasons in different styles and the shoes, jewelry and the nail paints all the things can be used in the black color  matte black with the  glitter black and the skin  shade on one finger  embellished with the leaves  style you can go with this black nail paint style in the winter season with the black velvet coat. Peacock feathers ,eagle feathers and the different tress leaves  ad plants can be made on the nails.

Floral style nails art:


The spring season is going on and on and in this season many weddings are organized because it is normal season not too much hot and not too cool and it is the flowering season so if you like the spring season then you must apply such nail paint which is made according to the season because your personality and your dressing can tell the other what type of person you are  so black color with the tea pink and the dark pink  in glittered  is good for the girls they can match it with their dress  only the art is also good means you can skip the nail paint on your full nail just art is great choice.

Simple style for the casual routine:


The girls like to apply the nail paints in their casual life  because they can’t keep their hands empty  so if you want to go with the simple designs then  apply the turquoise color nail paint on your  full nails and the  embellishing with the black glitter paint  in different style you make the spider web zigzag style  and in the maroon and metal color you can also decorate your nails  on the maroon shade  make the design with golden color and on the golden apply the  maroon shade  and nude grey with the black and for the fancy  touch you can use the different stones and the beads.

Final note:

In the nail art so many ideas are you can pick for you and make your hands look fabulous in the gallery many simple and the fancy designs nails are collected by me you can see and select these art which is for big and little both type of nails.