Ideas To Make Nail Art Designing With Sunglasses


Doing nail art designing in different ways is very interesting and exciting thing. Girls are very passionate for making different nail art designs on their nails and on different occasions they try to make different designs to give their nails attractive and captivating look.

To make designs of sun glasses is wonderful thing to do and you can give very fresh and new look to your nails with this style of nail art. Every girl should try new and different things to bring versatility and newness to their look. Here we are sharing a new idea of making sun glasses for designing your nails.

You can make animal or fruits which are wearing glasses and this designing will give your hands eye-catching look. There are multiple options that you can go with for making your nails full of attraction and to give your hands chill out look. Here are some nail art designs shown for designing the nails in different and new way:

Frog wearing glasses on nails:

Blue color shimmery nail paint is looking outstanding and the frog is also made on the nails who is wearing glasses. All the nails in blue color with shimmer will make the nails look outstanding and one nail with frog image is looking very lovely and his glasses are giving the nails very vivacious look. This designing will look very lovely and full of chill.

Colored glasses on nails:

With the shimmery nail paint glasses are made filled with colors and these are looking fabulous. Aqua color nail paint will give very pleasing and soothing look. Leave style designing on the nails is also looking enthralling. Wearing a long silk gown you can make this designing of nail art and it will give compliment to your outfit.

Number of glasses for nail art designing:

This designing is looking superb and for summer it will give very refreshing look. Painting the nails with different and varied colors you can make number of glasses on them. Black color glasses on colored nails are made amazingly and it will give your hands superb look.

Yellow and black color nail paint

This designing is looking lovely and awesome with superb color contrast. Yellow and black color nail art designing in stripped style is looking fantastic. One finger is painted with yellow color and thumbnail with black color will make the hands look full of attraction. One of the nail is designed with making glasses and smiling face that is looking very nice and pleasing to see.