Ideas to Make The nail Art At Home in Winter


Winter season which is the most   charming and the short period of the year and it is liked by many people they want to enjoy the winter frost and the air now the hot air is going and the winter cool weather is near to come we should do welcome to this short span because in winter the frost and the snowy weather is everywhere  according to the weather and the trend the dresses and the shoes ,bags and many accessories which are carried by the  ladies and the nail art which is now a day’s very popular among the girls  they do the different nail art on their nails with different ways  because the nail art is never remain same   in the winter dark and the sparkling colors are in demand so you can use the colorful patterns on your nails.

In the winter everybody feel himself tied and lazy they  want to do rest in the blanket and the quilt but where the nail art is much demand of the girls they don’t want to move without nail art in the society. So if you want to do nail art on your nails then you have no need for going salon and the parlor you can do it at your own home.

Cartoon inspired:


If you want to make the different pattern on your nails then you should not be worried just apply the nail paint in the glitter color as just like copper, beige, and the nude colors with the shiny glitter   and make the cookie monster on your nail with the different brushes and the tooth picks with your silver and peach dress it look so nice  the students can also go with it because it is cartoon inspired pattern .

Simple and decent:


Some girls like to carry simple dresses as just like dotted checked and the blocks printed shirt in any event or occasions because they like the simple so if you want to go with simple then apply the two colors nail paint dark and light on one nail  and in the center of your nail apply the dots  with glitter white and  simple white it is up to your  with your matching dress you can use the nail paints.

Frozen inspired:


Now a days the media has great impacts on the girls the people want to do the imitate of the TV characters and their favorite heroes so the frozen that is the cartoon animated movie character is very favorite of all the girls in the matter of nail paint the snowflakes which are very good to make on the nails with the tooth picks and the sleek brushes the snowy weather and the trees which are in the snowy places can be made on the nails with the blue and the white color combination.

Bow style:


In the winter the red color is mostly carried by the girls because it look so hot in the winter  and  with the red all color look nice but you can go with the green because both are really very awesome colors  so on your  nails you can make the bow and knot style  first apply the shiner on your nails and then  apply the whitener on the top of your nail and make the different color bow with the pins and the tweezers it is very easy to  make at  home. In the party and if you want to go with the nail art then you can make different color  bows on your nail.

Christmas tree pattern:


In the winter the  most special event is Christmas  which  is celebrated with full  zeal  so on the Christmas you can  make the Christmas tree inspired   nail art which can give your nail a dashing and cute look with the help of red and green glitter  nail paint make at the corner of the  nail with the  sparkling  nail paint and the stones are the good for beautify them  if you are something creative then make it at your own home you  have no need to spend money on it.