Incredibly Unique & Simple Nail Art Designs For Beginners


Nail art is getting popularity day by day because a girl always wants to look stylish and trendy from head to toe. Not only for formal events but she also wants a super stylish look for casual events and everyday look. Inspiring nail art design can be made by skilled or experienced persons but there are some girls

who can’t afford the expenses of spa or beauty salon. Here we have brought some easiest nail art designs that can be made at home and everyone can do it very easily. Let’s start and take an impressive view at the unique and easy nail art designs.

Simple nail art design for Christmas:

If you are a beginner and can’t make beautiful nail art design but want to make your nails more beautiful, then this design will work best for you. Just paint your nails with beautiful glossy nail paint according to your choice and dress. For Christmas party, go with red and make beautiful and colorful x-mas tree by using colorful tiny beads. You can make different designs with the help of bead as Santa’s face, hat, belt etc.

Shimmery white nail art for wedding:

Brides with their white wedding gown can go with this simple but beautiful nail art. They can paint their nails with matt white nail paint and to give their nails a glamorous touch they must use some shimmer or glitter. As shown in the picture, you can sprinkle shimmer or use shimmery nail paint in different styles it can be used for entire nail, one side, tip or bottom of nails to make your nails charming and attractive.

Dotted nail art:

Girls love to adorn their hands with nail paint of different designing and this is one of the easiest nail art designs also that can be done very easily. To make this design, after painting the nails with your favorite or matching nail paint you just need to make white dots in different styles and adorn the ring finger nail in inspiring way to give it prominent look from others. It will give compliment to overall look.