The latest Designs for Nail art of Collage Girls 2016


Well nail art is the most famous trend among young girls who are making their nails just glamorous and highly fashionable. The tradition or trend has become more powerful this season and when it comes to collage girls I can say that they are the girls who don’t want to make their nail look empty. Today I will further add the more ideas of latest designs that are going to popular this 2016 year.
Every girl can try the nail art but if you are new collage girl and not ever practice then take a start with simple designs like dotted, stripes, shimmer and easy shapes. Gradually you will start to practice the intricate designs too. But most of the time girls take acrylic nails or the fake ones that have been introduced in market and you can easily get different styles to rock on daily basis or for certain occasions.
The nail art contains more significance to be the true fashionista and even when you have to show off the chic street style appearance. Lady gaga is exemplary for us due to having always a new finger tips by painting the nail with unique dart designs in fact if we say that she is the real trend settler of introducing this nail art fashion then it would be right.
For every latest trend girls need to be updated that is why I have collected the right designs to paint your finger tips and make them bashful for your everyday look. Here we go.

Nail art for short nail girls:

1. Awesome Nail Designs 2016 for collage girls

It’s the chance for short nail girls to make the nails effect just wow by having coral nail paint and the one with stripes the other with shimmer. But when you have short nails then take file your nails with a proper shape that suits your hands. To make the stripes accurate must keep the long sleek brush that will help you in attaining the stripy nail perfectly.

Sea inspired summer nail art:

2. Awesome Nail Designs 2016 for collage girls (2)

The bright mustard yellow and blue color paint with stripes and the sea accessories embellished on nails is looking very cool. This nail paint idea is best for summer days or even the spring season too matching with mustard yellow pant and white top outfit. You may use the rhinestones to add the glamorous and shiny hues on your nails.

Simple and easy nail art for collage girls:

3. Awesome Nail Designs 2016 for collage girls (9)

This is super easy for such collage girls who are new to try the nail art. Well the nude nail paint was once very popular but now with the transformation of different embellishments and dark nail paints. Style the one rhinestone, at the tip or the lower corner of two nails which will enhance the simple paint beauty.

Studded nail art design:

4. Awesome Nail Designs 2016 for collage girls (12)

Well studded items attract the fashion girls quickly as they make the appearance highly fashionable. You may style golden studs on nails in different details like vertically, horizontally or on all over the nail.

Sequined multi tone nail pain idea:

5. Awesome Nail Designs 2016 for collage girls (16)

The sequined nail paint with different colors is looking amazing that the young girls can carry with the bold color dressing. For summer days you may try only the simple matte nail paints but if you wanna try the sequined nail paints in summer then try this for summer parties.