Latest Emo Fashion Nail Art Designs Ideas


Emo fashion is associated with a stereotype that includes being particularly emotional, sensitive, shy and introverted. Emo style is more casual and dressing emo is no exception and it is a way to show that you are intelligent and cool.

Emo girls always show a rebellious behavior among the crowd and want to do something unique and different. They wear ultra chic design clothes, gothic makeup, bright hair colors, unique and antique jewelry and attention-grabbing nail art also.

Here we have brought some ideas about emo style nail art for emo inspired stylish girls. Because nails are the big deal for emo girls so they want to go crazy with them. If you are also like to paint your beautiful nails with emo fashion, stay with us and get different ideas.

Paint your nails with dark or bright colors or alternate between the two and to make your nail paint last a little longer splurge for a gel manicure.

Mix and match for a cool combination and try making your fourth finger of each hand a different color than the rest. Use nail decals or stickers to attach fun images like cartoon characters or images as skull, gothic, witch, spider, bat and blood to your nails.

Explore the following post and get best emo nail art concepts to rock in a party. Give your nails a wonder-struck look by painting them ion emo style as shown in the picture.

Paint your two middle fingers of each hand with matt black nail paint, use red color to make design on black color, décor one nail with the design of spider web and paint the other with red dripping blood like design.

Paint all of your remaining nails with glossy red nail paint to make your both hand look beautiful. On a night party you can make this scissors designing on all of your nails to make your hands adorable.

To make this design first of all you need to paint all of your nails with glittery silver nail paint. Then make scissors designing by using the black nail color and on your thumb nail draw the image of emo girl with black and then give a finishing touch by applying the base coat on all of your finger nails.

You can make this beautiful and unique design with your matching black and silver outfit and silver footwear to look glamorous in the party.