Make Your Hands Modish and Stylish With Latest Nail Art Designs


Have you ever thought the small part of your body; your nails can also make you trendy and fashionable? Yes now it is. The fashion of designing nails with different art is not only confine to celebrities and fashionistas but now the somber souls are also following the trend looking at the new innovations in nail art. Now art designing on nails has also become the important part of your personality and overall look.

And nail art do participate in making you chic, stylish and up-to date. Girls are now paying full attention to the shapes of their nails because if you have nails in regular shape the art designing on them will look classy and beautiful. First of all manicure is must and then go for trendy nail paint on them. The new art designing is attracting girls and women both and they are now applying new designs not on special occasions but also on casual events. Different designing of nail art going on peak these days for mod girls are given here;

Glitter nail paint for girls:

This glitter nail paint will do a lot work for you on wedding ceremonies when you are wearing velvet fabricated outfits as without velvet winter remains incomplete and no women feel hr wardrobe complete without having velvet dresses in it. Velvet dresses have their own shine but these glitters on nails will create an awesome combination making your hands and personality attractive and charming. With black color dresses and dark colors this color of nail paint will look very suitable and will make your whole look shiny and elegant.

Rhinestones embellished nail paint:

For having modish and stylish look consider this way of designing nail paint. A light color nail paint is looking classy with the addition of rhinestones that are of small size. The pattern of designing rhinestones could be different from one nail to other. In the picture shown here the edges of nails are décor with rhinestones in round way but one of the middle fingers is embellished with large size rhinestone having small size rhinestones all around it. For a party ceremony or for wedding ceremony when you are going to dress a light color opt for this style of nail paint to complement your outfit.

Glitter and simple nail art with rhinestones:

The combination of simple and glitter nail art both will give an outstanding effect. With applying nail pint with additional accessories you can make your hands center of attention for everyone and can show the glamorous side of your personality. Rhinestones and Kundan stones on light and dark color nail paint both can do wonders for you. Decor a large size Kundan stone on one finger with small rhinestones all around it.But leave the glitter nail paint as it is because that will look overwhelmed with rhinestones on it.

White beads and golden rhinestones for nail paint:

This style of nail art will amaze you with its eccentric look and to have this way of designing does not need acrylic nails but you can do this by yourself in home. Apart from silver beads and rhinestones this white bead and golden rhinestones all around it will make you to swoon over. If you are wearing simple white color outfit and you do not think that dress sufficient to make you look elegant and gorgeous then you can add a stylish nail paint designing to add glamour to your overall demeanor. Especially for a day time function this peculiar style of designing will make you stand out.