Outstanding Nail Paint in Black Color


Black color is the color for all seasons especially for night functions black color exudes ravishing look. With different colors of the dresses black nail paint can give an awesome look. Black nail block in different designs and styles make your hand pretty and beautiful more than before. Not only your dressing, hairstyle and shoes demand your attention but also the hands and feet.

Do not overlook the importance of nail art for it can change the entire look of your hand and can give complement to your dress. Nail art is hype these days and fashionistas are following the trend of painting nails in different styles and designs. Here we are going to show you different stylish techniques you can follow to make your hands look attractive and attention-grabbing with ravishing look.

Black nail paint embellished with stones;

Not necessarily you can opt for black color if your dress is having black color on it but with dark color dress like maroon, royal blue and blush red color etc black color nail paint will look fabulous. A very easy way is here we have to apply nail paint of black color and make it look beautiful. First of all black color in mate color you need to apply on nails. Then with the help of glue embellish nails with stones and beads. Rhinestones all around the sides of a big stone on nail will look outstanding.

Black nail paint with glitter at center;

If you have short size nails then that can also look beautiful with the art of nail paint. Start with one finger at a time. You can use tape to make this design. Cut the tape in geometrical shape as shown in the picture. Cut the tap in triangular shape and paste it on the center of the nails. Then paint the nails with black color paint and after painting the fingers remove the tapes. On the empty spaces you can draw glitter paints to make it look shiny and beautiful. Sequences can be used to decorate it further. With a fancy dress this technique will really work.

Black nail paint for pointed nails;

Pointed nails give very classy and fabulous look. These nails can be look more beautiful with outclass color technique and pattern. Paste tape a little bit above the edges of nails and paint your nails with black color. When you will remove the tape there will be seen a very good-looking design on your nails. You can paint nude color paint on these empty spaces to make your nail art look more prominent. A very trendy thing is to make every other finger different but the same pattern on all fingers is also looking amazing.

Black color nail paint with golden shimmer;

This technique of making nail art awesome looking is also doable. First paint your nails with black color and then on the top draw glittered nail paint and then embellish them with sequences. Pointed or square, large or small this technique of nail paint will complement to all. Stickers can be used to make the paint more playful and have fun with nail art.

Black and skin color nail paint;

Two fingers in black color and two in skin also look outstanding contrast. Bow style and star style studs can be used to décor the nail paint. This style is good for casual look. Simple but different look it will lend to your hands. Try to make your overall appearance from head to toe an inspiration for others and these little things help you to enjoy your own individuality.