Right Way of Applying Glitter Nail Polish


Sparkly or glittery nail polish looks so pretty and glamorous but apply a glittered nail polish in a right way is a very difficult task. It is not easy to manage glittered nail paint as we understand, it is little tricky so if yyou8 want to paint your nails with glittered nail polish in right way then you should stay tuned with us to learn the right method. You will need:

A base coat
Cosmetic sponge
Liquid latex
Your favorite color glitter nail polish
A top coat

First, apply your base coat normally on all of your finger nails and allow it to dry. Then use the liquid latex to line the skin around your nails and by doing this, you nails would not get covered in polish, latex protects the surrounding skin from getting touched with streaks of glitter.

If you are an expert and confident that you will protect the skin from strokes then you could skip this product and process.
Take you makeup sponge and apply your favorite color of glitter nail polish on the corner or edge of the sponge.

Dab the sponge onto your nail, apply it in layers to build up a fully opaque coverage and this is the real trick because sponge soaks up the excess nail polish or clear base coat and leaves just the glitter behind. Repeat this process until you paint all off your nails neatly with glitter nail polish.

Secure your glitter nail polish with a top coat, by applying the top coat the glitter would not chip off as easily and top coat also gives them an extra shiny finish. After doing this with all of your nails peel off or remove the latex in the end and you are ready to go and enjoy your super sparkly nails.

It is hard to remove a glittery nail polish and this can be a pain to remove so remove it with great care. When you want to switch it up, take some cotton balls for each nail, dunk the cotton balls in nail polish remover and wrap all of your nails with cotton ball separately. Let these balls sit for a few minutes on top off the nails before wiping it clean.

In this post we have told you that how can you apply glitter nail polish in right way and how can you remove it and a few time practices you will be able to apply it as like an expert. Read this post and follow the ways to applying and removing glitter nail polish.