Spring Nail Art Ideas in The Floral Style


The trend of makeup is increasing day by day among the girls they can’t move outside without make up because make up make up make you more beautiful than before for the makeup there are many saloons which are doing their services  with the  make up the accessories of hair and the nail is also compulsory the nail art is very common and trendy.

The nail art give you a stylish and chic look because if  your dress is so simple  then  do the design on your nail  if your dress is in light color then dark shade will give you a decent look  and matching is also best.

There are many styles are common in the nail art as just like that floral ,digital, lining , dotted and the many other designs are  inn if your nails are very short then you have no need to  use fake nails because  for the short nails  there are many designs but  if you want to a formal look then acrylic nails are best because it can available in every style like pointed ,round,  square and the many other  shapes of nails are common and these styles not remain same  rather  with the season it is changed and changed so  our spring   nail art is here in the floral style see and make on your nails with different dresses.

Rose flower nail art:

On the  hands apply the red color nail paint it  is not compulsory that all the nails are same you can apply the different shaded nail paint on to your five  fingers of one hand .on your three fingers apply the dark red color nail paint  and on the thumb and  the ring finger  apply  white nail paint and make the rose flower in the  red color and leave in the green color  if your nails are too short then this nail art is good for your nails.

Yellow spring nail art:

In the day time  you can apply the yellow color nail paint on your nail if your nail are too short then this design will good with your  green , black, pink , orange  and white floral  on the two center figures  if your  complexion is in the olive  then yellow look good  on your nails you can make the white color flowers  it give you a floral look with the sparkling  nails. With the black gown you can make this nail art in the night function.

Aqua with pink:

Aqua and the turquoise shades are very common among the girls because it gives you a cool effect in the spring season you can apply the aqua color on your all nails and make the tiny flowers  with branches  lavender color tiny flowers with the black branches are looking so cool  with your red  dress white dress and the  grey dress apply this nail paint and make the flowers in this  color for the best look it is very easy to make at home it is giving you a sight that  spring season  is here  and the flowers are blooming again.

Vintage look:

Vintage look is very inn now a days because this style remain evergreen and always gives you a great look so nude and light colors are also decent for the young girls you can also use the nude colors for the painting on your nails .apply the nude skin color nail paint on your all nails and make the dark shaded  flowers on it like shoking pink and the yellow  the little finger is filled with the two shaded flowers and  on the all fingers make the flowers according to  your choice if your hands are too much white then only these flowers  can be seem.

Blue in glittered shaded:

Blue color is very decent and the royal color it is not in one shade there are many shades in the blue like royal blue, navy blue, sky blue , sapphire blue and many others  you can pair it with the different shades.  If your nails are too long then blue in navy color  glittered is looking fabulous  glittered and the sequence are used on it with the stones  and the paint sky blue color floral is  paint on the inner edges is making your nail paint best  for the fantasy like nail then pink with the blue is good choice because both shades are good with each other apply the glitter nail paint and make the flowers with the pink nail paint and use the stones on it for the best look  with your pink gown , tulle and the frock this  nail art is good.

Pink nail art:

Pink color is favorite color of the girls it gives you an innocent and the cute look whether it is in the dress, makeup and the nail paint .apply the transparent shiner on your nails and shoking pink color on the edges  with the flowers and the stones on it .in the pink you can use the light colors because you have to go in the get together party ,office  going and the semi formal function you can  apply the nude pink color nail paint with the floral art it is best with every dark shaded  outfit.