Stilettos Nail art for Christmas Festival


Nail art is hype now days and girls are crazily following this trend. Different ideas to paint nails are being introduced and they make hands look lovely. Not only in weddings but on every festivals women tried to dress up according the event. For this purpose they dress up themselves in accordance to the festival for example red color outfit become very common on Valentine day. As the dresses are important to look up-to-date so that the nail paint are equally important to go with dress and time.

Now you can select nail paint with the theme of present festival and they will attract every one. Christmas is on its way and you might be thinking how you can celebrate this day excellently. Here we will discuss how differently and beautifully you can paint your nails on this Christmas festival. Try stilettos nail art on this Christmas making your hand look gorgeous and stylish.

Red and silver color combination;

If you are thinking of wearing red color dress on this Christmas that have silver work or silver outline, then look at the style of nail paint. Stilettos style will make your hand look stylish and then go for red color paint on two fingers and you can embellish the remaining fingers with rhinestones. A large size rhinestone in the middle is surrounded by small sized rhinestone.

Maroon nail paint;

If you want to have maroon color nail paint then opt for this design. The trend of painting each finger with same design is out-dated now. Try this design of painting every finger with different design. Paint first and last finger with same color. Make white color stripes on the third one after painting maroon color with the help of scotch tape. You can embellish one of the fingers with bow full of rhinestones. Acrylic nails are available easily if you are time-constrained then you can purchase acrylic nails to make your hands beautiful and attractive.

Nude color paint with silver outline;

Nude color always makes a good combination with most of the dresses and also this color can provide you a lot of options to make contrast with other colors. Nude color paint can be aggravated giving silver outline to it. Shimmery outline will exude very vivacious vibes. One of the finger designed in different pattern will increase the charm of your hand.

Red and white color nail paint;

Red and white color remind us Santa clause and these two significant colors can be taken as theme to make nail paint. Half red and half white color nail paint on stilettos nails will give an awesome look then make polka dots on these colors. This theme will remind us about the weather that it is winter and snowfall season is on its peak. You can place studs of different designs just like snowman and other interesting figures.

Fully embellished nails;

Women who do not like to have simple and stylish design but they like to embellish their bails with different colors and designing. Embellish the first finger with rhinestones and stud of silver color in the midst of the finger.. Then on the next finger paint half nude and half white color and decorate the outlines with silver rhinestones. You can make a centered flower with rhinestones as shown in the picture. A Mickey Mouse will give a very sweet look to its viewer. Go for the remaining fingers with white and silver contrast and you will feel your hand looking exactly of what the situation is.