Top 10 Superb Nail Art Designs for Short Nails


Trend of nail art for short nails

In this present 2015 fashion era, most prominent fashion is nail art and our modish girls are much crazy to apply hottest and classy nail art on your nails to enhance the beauty of hands. Initially, nail art was limited for salon or beauty parlors but now this splendor and fabulous trend you can apply at home. At this time, the craze of nail art is touching the highest peak of trend that’ reason this comes in numerous vivacious vogues and then girls enjoy up-to-dated vogue.


Here, I am going to share top ten best and exquisite nail art for short nails. Most girls complain that their nails don’t grow rapidly or broke easily and how we can enjoy fantastic and amazing nail art. Dear girls! Tall or big nails are not essential to enjoy nail art rather you can follow latest trend with short nails. Here, I pasted one by one top ten elite and excellent nail arts for short nails.

Light & dark blue nail paint

1 blue nail art design

This easy and cute nail pain applied at home and more garnished with identical shimmer edge.

Stylish grey nail art

2 different style nail art design

Wao! These are lovely and trendy nail paint that created by white & zink nail polish in chevron and leopard forms. Really, this is marvelous and intricate nail art but easy way to apply.

Bubbles gum nail art decoration

3 easy nail art for short nail

This is easiest and quick way to décor your nails. Simple apply vivid different colors bubble gum nail polish and enjoy dazzling nail art.

Flowers nail stickers

4 flower style short nail art design

With passing the time, nail art introduced with modern and current vogues. Look at this endearing and lovely flower nail art that adorned by pasting stickers.

Glittery nail paint for girls

5 grey pink nail art design

This is too much nice and charming nail art that you can easily apply at home. Simple apply nail shiner and its edges décor with black glossy glitter nail polish.

Rhinestones nail paint for ladies

6 orange short nail art

This trend is most prominent that you décor your each nail with different style. These nails are made gorgeous with bold delightful orange paint and two with wavy lines and rhinestones that really looks appealing.

Shimmer nail polish with stones

7 pink short nail art

This hand looks too much elegant and superb with cute pink nail paint with identical shimmer. Rhinestones and silver border line enhance the attraction of this gorgeous hand.

White flowers nail art

8 pink white nail art design

This modern and magnificent dazzling flowers nail art created by stickers that is easiest & quick way to adorn hands.

Purple short nail decoration

9 purple short nail art

These nails exude lovely and enchanting exterior expression and outstanding idea to enhance hand beauty. Simple apply light purple tint nail pain and edges adorn with dark purple shimmer. Balloons’ stickers paste on the sides nails.

Red heart shimmer nails

10 red heart style nail art

Shimmer nail polish you can easily buy from markets and this is dazzling and charming way to décor nails.