Unicorn Mani Is Worth In Fashion Now


Unicorn is in worth in fashion nowadays and to look fashionable and trendy girls are crazier about opting this fashion. You will find unicorn fashion in each and everything from dresses, accessories, jewelry, makeup and even in nail art designs also. If you want to upgrade your fashion look with unicorns and looking for unicorn nail art designs. Stay with me because I have posted some beautiful, cute and adorable unicorn nail art designs here.

Glittery pink with unicorn nail art:

Glittery pink nail paint is looking superb with unicorn nail art design. This nail art design is easy to make, paint your nails with glittery pink nail paint. Let it dry and then draw clouds with heavily diluted pink and white acrylic paint on all fingers leaving two fingers.

Then draw the face of unicorn onto the remaining nails with white, light blue and black for its beautiful eyes and rainbow colors for its spiraling horn. You are ready to go in unicorn themed party whether it is formal or informal.

Wow sparkly unicorn nail art:

Never ignore your nails while mingling with people or just about attending the social gatherings formal and informal included. You can wear this sparkly unicorn nail art design at a wedding ceremony too and flaunt your sassy style galore. Go with light purple and light blue for your nails and paint your two finger nails with these double shades making ombre pattern.

Pick the shimmery paint for sparkle and make awe-inspiring spiral design with metallic silver nail paint. Your unicorn nails will look speechless and you can stun everyone in the ceremony with this fascinating nail art design.

Embossed unicorn nail art:

Wow this nail art is so adorable and cute and with this embossed unicorn nail paint you can capture the attention of the people towards your hands. Use shaded glittery nail paint for three fingers, beautify your ring finger with embossed unicorn silhouette and small nail for spiraling white horn. Just go and mesmerize people in any party.