Wow-Worthy Unique & Awesome Ribbon Nail Art Designs


If you are looking for cute, lovely and unique nail art designs, no need to look further because we are here to update you about latest fashion trends including nail art designs also. Today we have come up with unique idea of ribbon nail art designs for trendy fashionable girls.

You would have heard or applied different floral, hearts, jeweled and Christmas nail art designs but perhaps you would have heard ribbon nail art. Let’s explore these heart-touching ribbon nail art designs that will surely wow you and other beholders.

Terrific shimmery ribbon nail art:

Incredible growth in fashion market generates greater desire to overcome others with versatility and styling. Women are more conscious about their styling and this ribbon nail art design is the best elegant way to define style statement look effortlessly. To make this cute design you can use colors match to your dress.

Apply lilac nail pain on two fingers leaving the fore finger and pinky; make a lovely wrapping ribbon design on them with shimmery purple nail paint. Adorn the remaining fingers with shimmery purple nail paint and to make it look more beautiful, go with stones.

Pink ribbon nail art:

Looking for a cute pink ribbon nail art design for a good purpose, look no further and go with this design. Apply matt white nail paint onto al nails leaving middle finger and thumb also, pain them with cute soft pink nail color.

Use thin nail art brush and shimmery pink paint to draw pink ribbon on middle nail and make beautiful outlining on thumb nail. With the help of black acrylic nail paint, draw alphabets of h,p,e remaining white index, ring and pinky nails, your fingers will show beautiful word hope. Apply a base coat and you are done.