Bridal Gold Hair Accessory


Hairstyle always counts a lot in overall appearance of every person. It can change the entire look and if you adorn your hairstyle with some accessories it will look very regal and royal. Be careful in the selection of hairstyle for it must go with the structure of your face and dress. Mostly the bridals adopt the hairstyle of updo to set the dupatta on their head. Not necessarily with updo but letting your hair open you can select a hairstyle for having bridal look. Here we will show you different accessories that can be used to décor your hairstyle both with open and tied hairs.

God leaf tiara;

Gold leaf tiara with updo will give you an awesome look. With side parted hairs this tiara will look very adorable. Bridals having long or diamond face must opt for this kind of hairstyle for this can hide their broad forehead with side parted style and with the help of gold leaf tiara their whole face will look very pretty. Gold will look very suitable with white color outfit of the bride.

Hair accessory gold vine;

This accessory is looking perfect for winter or autumn wedding especially for the snowy wedding. This delicate gold vine can be opted with mid parted hairstyle and oval shaped face is very suitable for this hairstyle and accessory. According the season of cold weather if you are wearing fur cape dress then must consider this style to adopt in order to look elegant. Side updo is looking very nice with gold floral vine and both the hairstyle and gold vine are giving complement to each other looking perfect with the dress.

Gold leaf pearl embedded head crown;

This crown is the most effortless choice you can go with. This will look nice for either open or tied hairs. Here in the picture the girl is looking very pretty and like princess she is looking very charming. Open wavy tresses with center parted style along with a bun at the center of the head is adorned with gold leaf pearl embedded crown. If the bridal is wearing ivory color dress then this crown is very suitable for the gold color leaf and ivory color of the pearl will go perfect with the dress.

Gold headband decorated with rhinestones;

This headband is for every face structure and must take it in notice if you are looking for a hairstyle accessory. Gold headband with floral designing is enough to embellish your face and can go with every style of hairs. If you are not in mood to take veil then this is the accessory which will make your look complete even without dupatta.

Gold bridal accessory clip;

If you want to have a accessory that can be attached at the side of the hairs ten look at this gold clip that is designed very beautifully. Butterfly with floral designing and adorned with pearls at the center this clip will look very classy with updo and side parted hairs. It is up to your choice whether you want to have large size clip or small size clip but this clip is not taking a lot the area but at the side it is looking eye-catching and dazzling.