Stunning Heirloom Accessories from Lila by Sofia


All brides want to look unique, elegant and gorgeous on the wedding day and for this they chose unique dress, jewelry and shoes and they adorn themselves on the day with other different kinds of embellishments like flowers, crowns etc. if you are a bride and also want to look unique and you are looking for unique headpiece then you should consider the beautiful pieces from Sofia at Lila. All of her pieces are unique, stunning and hand crafted.

Heirloom accessories are essential to boost up fetching bridal hairstyle; it is just like something perfect pair which cannot complete explore magnificence without each. Hairstyles and headpieces have great significance for each other. Right selection of head piece can amazingly enhance the classy charisma of your bridal beauty so you must be selective in the regard. Here is the collection of stunning head pieces you can select one from here for you.

The hairclip is designed in the shape of roses in pure gold; it is just so striking and instantly makes you think of an elegant Greek Goddess. If a bride will wear this hair clip on her low bun she will look so elegant and this heirloom can be set on the side of the head. It is looking so charming that is featured white beaded stones in different sizes studded in good structure with floral asides, crystal pearls. Draping crystal chain and teardrop crystal tassel. Now wrap your forehead by giving an extra magic through this headpiece.

Fantastic head band is designed with lace details motif that is embellished with golden mesh and yellowish stones in leaf shape and there is a fancy and shimmery ribbon is placed along the motif to tie it with your head. Some headpieces are designed in necklace shape and you can use these on your forehead and on the backside of the head too. You can see the picture a necklace style head band is placed on the backside of the head above a low bun. This is designed with rhine stones, pearls and metal tiny roses in blush, golden and white color looking so beautiful.

Sparkling rhinestones are embedded von heirloom accessory placed on the side of the head to make a bride more beautiful. The piece is designed with rhine stones, grey dabka and grey crystal pearls and attached with a metal silver chain looking so nice. Dazzling newest style heirloom accessory is developing your hair look in breathtaking effects. This accessory is designed with tiny crystal pearls in white color and some big stones in white and golden color. This piece can create a charm in bridal appearance.