Stunning Wedding Bouquets Styles


0. Eye-catching Wedding Bouquets styles and designes

A flower bouquet  is a collection of   beautiful flowers that is  arranged in a   creative arrangement   flower bouquet are use for the decorating the homes  ,buildings and  may  be handheld on the wedding  And it is tradition that is  in the western that the bride and the  brides maid  hold bouquet in their hands  and it look so nice it  is stylish and  traditional set up  to   in our  societies . bouquet are made ib different styles  and shapes  nosegay, cascading  and crescent  bouquet  and many more sometime the  flowers are  symbolized with the  traditions  and the cultures. Flower arranging is an art which is gained from the Japan and the Chinese has learned this art from Japanese.  In the wedding  the bridal hold it and the flower   girl also hold it   in the wedding ceremony   the bridal  toss the  bouquet and who catch that bride bouquet the next turn of wedding is that person  this is related to the “ Golden  Apple Of  Discord” here  I have some gorgeous   bouquet  which for the wedding and you can  hold it w3ith your simple  look .

Colorful bouquet:

1. Eye-catching Wedding Bouquets styles and designes

On your wedding you can hold the bright and cheery late   flower bouquet is looking nice with your white gown you can carry it  beautiful flowers with the pink ribbon it is looking nice  in your night wedding function you can hold it  with the sparkling look of stones at the place of ribbon you can pack it in the colorful stylish paper   dark shades pink ,orange and magenta is giving an attractive look to your bouquet.

Fabric bouquet:

2. Eye-catching Wedding Bouquets styles and designes

On the wedding it is not compulsory that   only  fresh flowers are used you can use the ribboned made  flowers  adjusting in a bouquet  with the  stones for making it shiny and sparkling  fully wrapped  upper to the bottom  with the ribbon and he sparkling lace on it  with tour off the shoulder dress it look so charming  it is not looking fake it  looks like  real  beer  color   rose.

Yellow and white bouquet:

3. Eye-catching Wedding Bouquets styles and designes

For the  spring season you can  arrange a  bouquet which is in white and yellow color  because light with the dark is nice choice  sun flower with the white rose and the lily  with the jasmine and the  other white   flowers wrapped in a ribbon  and  you can add the glitter in these white flowers it look   nice when the bride will hold it and with the flower  the glitter will be fall on the that girl who will hold it.

Cascading bouquet:

4. Eye-catching Wedding Bouquets styles and designes

Cascading bouquet is very beautiful for the wedding because it is hanging towards the bottom  red roses are the best  flower  in this world which  scattered the love and  adore among the people a persion can express his feelings with red flower without saying anything  red roses with the vine and  branches is   looking so  pretty  when you are passes through the aisle in the wedding with this cascade bouquet you look  very pretty.

Purple with contrasted:

5. Eye-catching Wedding Bouquets styles and designes

Southern Italian  cedar wood  style flower bouquet is very stunning  dark purple with the light purple ,white ,orange and magenta  color flower cluster  is very nice  and it is for them  who like the purple color  and the   purple color with different dark shades are good for wedding this bouquet style is made  to inspire by the  vintage era.

Green with white:

6. Eye-catching Wedding Bouquets styles and designes

The bridal can carry the green with the white color contrast bouquet  on their wedding with the   leaves and the awesome flower  you look so  stunning and   gorgeous you can hold it in the rustic inspired wedding ceremony  with your laced gown  this bouquet is perfect  and it is good for the  garden arranged   wedding ceremony.

Boho inspired:

7. Eye-catching Wedding Bouquets styles and designes

Some brides  are inspired from the bohemian fashion and they want to arrange  their whole wedding  on the base of boho trend  boho are  the free to do everything and they    hold the bouquet in their hand also on their wedding  according to their choice  light pink color  frill style flower are used in the  boho inspired wedding bouquet and the  boho girls hold it with their independent  personality .